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2NE1's CL A Fashionista

Find out why CL is the baddest female!!~

Before 2NE1 debuted, YG Family held a collaboration performance combining the musical powers of 1TYM, Jinusean and Big Bang on one stage during SBS Music Festival back in 2007. On the same night, YG Entertainment introduced a petite female rapper tahn meshed so well with the leading male rappers who have already made their name in the industry. Audience questioned the female rapper and soon she was known as CL.

Now leading the hip-hop quartet group 2NE1, CL who constantly refer herself as the baddest female in her rapping choruses (twice actually, once in YGMA's song and second in G-Dragon's collab song with Teddy and herself) is also known as the new face of the next generation of entertainer. She can sing, dance and even rap but personally, although I believe the publicity for her has been too much in the short time, CL is also a fashionista or preferably known as a trend-setter. FRom boyish look to lady-like style, CL is able to pull anything also effortlessly.

From street style to modern chic.

What makes a trend-setter is not what the person wears but it's how daring that person is to appear different from others around her. CL came out wearing bodysuits during her Lollipop promotions, then she was spotted the curled up mohawk and sloely drove people crazy with the shark's fin fanny pack for Fire. For 'I Don't Care', CL was seen wearing a cats-like shades and daringly wore bodysuits during 2NE1's live promotions. Her footwear collections, don't make me go there. I have a shoe fetish and so far, I have been in love with all the shoes she has worn.

CL's variety fo fashion expression

Just like G-Dragon, CL has made her name in the fashion industry as we speak. Young girls are seen trying to pull-off the curled mohawk hair or searching for something similar like teh shark's fin fanny pack, even trying to pull off wearing bodysuits. Of course we cannot put aside the rest of the members as it was Dara who started the paln tree hair, Minzy with the leggings obsessions and Bom made wearing a sporty dress and a pair of sneakers looked sexy but somehow CL stood out the most.

Some recognized CL's fashion items

I'm sure her cool, relax and outgoing personality are part of the reason she's well-liked, but I am also sure (as a fashion-addict myself) that it's her sense of fashion that made her the star she is today. What I love most about her is the fact she's not trying to be just like the girls around her, but she's confortable and confident just being the girl she is.


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