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Fashion Tracked - 2NE1 Performance Dream Concert 2009 (Part 1)

Fashion was not excluded from Dream Concert 2009 held in Korea last night. Check out below for the 1st part of 2NE1 Fashion line-up during their performance.

Yesterday was a big day for Korean Music fans as they held the annual Dream Concert with line-ups of 2AM, 4 Minute, Big Bang, Super Junior (excluding Kangin), 2PM (1st performance as 6 members group), SNSD, Kim Tae Woo and loads more.

As a fashion writer as well as a huge 2NE1 fan, how could I miss the opportunity to post about the girls' fashion items that I've tracked down for their performance last night. Here's the 1st part.

First is Bom's dress; the cutting of her dress is a lot different from the display picture and btw, the dress is from Insight. Bom has been wearing a lot of Insight sporty dresses since their debut.

Jetson Jungle Tie-dye Dress by Insight

Next is the top as well as the leggings Minzy wore. I knew from the bat the minute I saw her top that it was from Horace. Most of my internet visits are usually to clothes websites and Asos.com is one of them so I basically memorized almost half of the items. Her leggings is from TOPSHOP and if you recalled 2NE1's debit stage, you will recognized she wore the same exact pair as well.

Multi Colored Gothic Zig Zag Oversized Tee by Horace

Polka Dot Leggings by TOPSHOP

Dara's pants is from gRound Zero. Ground Zero is known for their provocative fashion items (remember Minzy's leggings scandal) but I have to say that their designs are very eclectic and eccentric which in the fashion world it means, AWESOME!!! Anything provocative and different always sets a trend. The display pisture is not the exact same pair Dara is wearing but it has the same pattern.

'Cableknit' Sweatpants by Ground Zero

Unfortunately, I'm still on the lookout for the rest of the fashion items especially the ones on CL. I'm in love with her jacket and Minzy's cropped jacket.

Pictures & infos credit to Newsen, Big 21 Fashion Evolution, Asos.com, Seven New York, TOPSHOP & Surf Stitch.


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