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Hellz Bellz Features 2NE1

Hellz Bellz features 2NE1!!!

It finally happened!!! Being one of the author of Big 21 Fashion Evolution, I have managed to keep a close contact with a rep from Hellz Bellz, a women's clothing line famous for it's provocative and in-your-face taglines on it's clothes.
Earlier this month, I got a notice on Hellz Bellz's blog in which they featured 2NE1 on one of its post. They finally recognized the love the girls have for their tops. Here's the post in Hellz Bellz.

The girls made famous Hellz Bellz after fans noticed the famous provocative T-shirts the girls keep wearing off and on-stage. It's safe to say that it was 2NE1 who introduced Hellz Bellz to most of their Asian market. I love Hellz Bellz tees, not only is it artistic but I love the taglines that is nonchalant and rebellious. I've alligned some of the few Hellz Bellz items 2NE1 have worn in which you may have recognized as well.

Coco X Hellz Tee in White

Coco X Hellz Tee in Red

Hellz Bellz Love Bites Tee

Hellz Bellz 'If You Don't Grind, You'll Fall Behind' Tee

Other tees of Hellz Bellz the girls have worn.

The girls wore other products from Hellz Bellz too such as hoodies and leggings. Most famous Hellz Bellz product would be the hoodie Bom wore for 2NE1's special stage in which they performed 'Last Farewell' from Big Bang. It's my most favourite hoodie. I just love the abstract design on the hood.

Hellz Bellz 'Natural Born Badass' Hoodie in Purple

Hellz Bellz Femme Fatale Leggings in Multicolor

Check out Hellz Bellz website for more updates on fashion and their collection.

Pictures and info credits to Hellz Bellz, Big21 Fashion Evolution and Kaboodle.com


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