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Tae Yang and Shinee a SHOWDOWN?

Tae Yang and Shinee

Tae Yang and Shinee a showdown?

Yes to all the VIPz and SHINee's Fans(I don't know what's SHINee's Fans are called. Do let me know)
On 22nd May last year,Tae Yang had his solo debut while SHINee had their first debut into the music scene.After a year and 5 months, they will be back with a showdown again.

Tae Yang will be releasing a new song titled "Where U At" on 15th October. The song talks about after 22 years old still has not get into a relationship and longing for another half.
YG Ent.said, “After releasing ‘Where u at’ on 15th, TaeYang will be releasing a full length album. Being the prelude to the album, there will only be special performances or no broadcast performances plans at all.”

While for SHINee, the group will be releasing 3rd Mini Album,‘2009, Year Of Us' on 19th October after 2nd Mini Album,'Romeo' 5 months ago.

They will be bringing a new sides of each member, uniqueness and more matured voice from them.

Can't wait for Tae Yang new song and SHINee new mini album!
October will be bringing a lot of new HIT songs!

Credit: Kbites

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