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Winter Skin Obstacles

You know your skincare routine needs a bit of an adjustment when you're no longer blotting your face from sweat because of the heat; but putting on multilayers of clothing to prevent a weather-induced cold instead. Here are two things to keep in mind for the sake of your skin as the cold weather approaches!

As the temperature drop, there would be less moisture in the air; which means that moisture also evaporates from the skin. Thus, when you realize that there's more dryness on the surface of your skin, it's actually dehydration. Because of this, if you have oily skin, be aware that the oils in your skin would have problems coming out which will result in clogged pores (and pimples that leave scars). And if you have dry skin, fine wrinkles may appear as the dryness in the air would cause skin to crack more easily.

Prevention Strategy: Use a richer, thicker face cream than usual to prevent such disasters to appear on your face (litterally)!

The cold also makes intracellular glues made up of lipids, chlorestrals, etc. more solid... creating a burden for cells to flake off moreso. Thus, there would be a build up of dead skin cells. With a bunch of dead skin cells piled up on your face, you may as reduce the work for investing in a mask for Halloween... just kidding. However your face will look more dull and ashy. Not pretty.

Prevention Strategy: Use a face scrub to help get rid of the dead skin cells.

Source: teenvogue, benetton


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