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Blazing Blazers

Finding it difficult to find the right cut if blazer/jacket for yourself? Check out what types of blazers will fit you well!

Blazer tops are currently making a famous trend throughout the world. Celebrities and style icons are spotted rocking out a good pair of well cut blazers around the streets regardless for casual wear as well as red-carpet appearances. However, not everyone can pull off the same type of blazers like their favorite icons because different type of bodies requires different type of cutting. When shopping for blazers, it is very important for everyone to consider their shoulders. Blazer emphasizes the shoulder as they style beautifully as well, but the shoulder does not fit the cut of the blazer, it could come off as tacky or gordy. Basically, it'll just make you look bad. Here's some tips on choosing the right cut for the right type of shoulders.

Straight shoulders

Ballerinas are perfect example of people with straight shoulders. Women with straight shoulders often exuberates mighty confidence that can be very intimidating as well thus, when you have straight shoulders, all you want to do is to show them off. It sounds almost impossible to show off the shoulders by wearing a blazer, but in actual reality, you can.

1. Find a pair of blazers that does not have too much details on the shoulders yet very elaborate on the front.

2. Try avoiding high tipped and padded blazers as they tend to hide the perfect shape of the natural shoulders.

3. Colors are unlimited for those with straight shoulders but it is far better to wear something in light or pastel colors as it shows off the body shape.

4. Best to wear cropped style blazers as they bring more attention to the shoulders and when you have perfect straight shoulders, that's all you want to do; show off those shoulders.


Narrow Shoulders

Haute couture models are usually the ones with narrow shoulders. You can go crazy with your selections but there are some things you need to try and avoid. People with narrow shoulders are often labeled as sick when they are completely healthy. Here's some tips to avoid looking fragile.

1. Black is the best color for everything but when it comes to picking out a blazer when you have narrow shoulders, it's best to avoid this color. Dark colors tend to hide the shape of the body and when you already have a narrow shoulder, it might be gone by the time you put on a pair of black blazers. Try to find something with little patterns like stripes to simply brighten up the dark fabric.

2. Go for the mighty and loud details on the shoulders. Details add volume and fullness and with magnificent details on the shoulders, you will extra fabulous rather than extra fragile.

3. Just like them with straight shoulders, any colors would go well but bold prints works best.


Wide Shoulders

Anyone can wear anything that they want to wear regardless of their body shapes as long as you pick out the right design, pattern, print as well as the right cut. Perfect tailoring will make anybody look good. When mention about wide shoulders, I prefer to call these girls, voluptuous beacuse of the mighty curves they possesses but you don't want to show them off too much as it will make you upper body look heavier and make your neck disappear.

1. Always pick out the drop-shoulder cutting. This will lessen the volume of the shoulders and make it look more balance with the body.

2. Avoid cropped cut and loud details on the shoulders. You want to show off your curves and shoulders but not in a way that makes you look weird. You might also NOT want to get your hands on bold and loud prints.

3. Dark colors are perfect as it helps decrease the attention on the shoulders and brings more classy and elegant look. Little details on the front or at the bottom of the blazer is even better.

4. Best to get the V-tipped cut at the bottom of the blazer than the straight cut. It helps with making the shoulders look slender and also make your body look longer.


Slouched Shoulders

People with slouched shoulder (like me) can rock the right kind of blazer too. People say that when you slouched it means you're not confident with yourself. Trust me, my confidence is something I don't have to worry about; sometimes it's just the way you were born but it is also consider a beauty to the fashion industry. Slouching shoulders has become a haute couture pose for models nowadays. Get yourself a copy of Vogue (regardless what country) nand you'll understand what I mean. However, to trick others into thinking you are slouching, the right cut of blazer could help make you look like you are standing tall.

1. Always, always go for blazers with details on the shoulder. The higher the volume of the details, the better. Avoid heavy details on the front as it will make you look as if you front are dragged forward. Symmetrical details on the front are considerable example, military details.

2. As long as you got details on your shoulders, any colors will make you look even better. When it comes to body proportion, it is all about volume. When you got the right volume, you've got it right already.

3. Cropped blazers with straight shoulder cut and little details on the front are perfect. It'll give an illusion to people into thinking you have a pair of straight shoulders.


Hope these little tips help when you go shopping for your blazers especially with winter coming. Keep in mind of the type of shoulders you have and you will have no problem looking for the right one. Fashion is an art and art brings out illusions. A simple cut can give a lot of illusions to other people so choose wisely.

Also, don't feel bore of your own body. Embrace them as it is. The most important thing is to be healthy. Always.

Pictures credit to Polyvore.com, Asos.com, Style.com, TOPSHOP's and Forever21's Website


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