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Rain talks about starring in 'Ninja Assassin'


Hundreds of reporters from all over Asia converged in Seoul to get a chance to speak to rising international star Rain about starring in his new film -- the hotly anticipated "Ninja Assassin" -- yesterday.

"The (Wachowski) brothers told me to 'forget about Rain the pop-star because from now on, you're a killer and a fighter,'" the popular singer-cum-actor said during a press conference at the Lotte Hotel in downtown central Seoul.

"And for eight months (during the production), I lived day to day thinking I was exactly that ... I think through this film I'll gain a lot of male fans in the future," he joked.

Known as an object of desire for women from all over Asia, the film is ultraviolent, full of killing and mayhem that may not be for the eyes and ears of his female fans.

"This isn't a film that should be seen by young girls ... even though some might find ways to see it," he said.

"When I saw the finished film, I was very satisfied that I could not recognize myself on screen -- the guy on screen was very different from the real life Jung Ji-hoon."

Seemingly aware of the legions of fans he has amassed throughout his career as a clean-cut pop idol, the 28-year-old Korean heartthrob showed up clad in a smart double-breasted suit sans the long flowing locks looking less like the cold blooded killer in the film.

In order to make the transformation into a deadly, Katana-brandishing assassin, Rain underwent a six month training regimen concocted by the stunt and fight team that whipped the actors in 2007's blockbuster, "300" into shape.

"I trained as if my life was hanging by a thread," Rain said.

"Over 90 percent of the stunts in the film I did myself. It was intimidating at first but after I got the hang of it, it all became very easy for me."

As for struggles with having to overcome a language barrier, he said, "The brothers told me not to think too much about speaking the dialogue."

"They requested that I focus entirely on communicating through expressions, mannerisms, and even the movement of my eyes. I also had a speech coach with me at all times so that helped as well."

After appearing in the Wachowski Brother's 2008 box office dud "Speed Racer," Rain had impressed them so much they created the film specifically for the pop-star.

"The Wachowski Brothers are full of imagination and ideas and they are the type of brilliant people who can take what they imagine and transport it onto the movie screen. I have immense respect for them," he said.

"I hope the film does well and I hope a lot of people go watch it because it would be a lie if I said I didn't have expectations for this film. This film has to succeed in order for other Asian actors to get chances in Hollywood in the future and regardless of how well it does, this has been a challenge that's also been an educational experience."

So are there any similarities between Raizo -- the name of Rain's title character -- and Rain, the pop-star?

"There shouldn't be any similarities," he joked noting the high body count that piles up in the film.

"I'm not an introvert like Raizo and I'm very social unlike him. I wouldn't be able to live in solitude."

The film hits Korean cinemas nationwide on Nov. 26.


By Song Woong-ki

Source : Korean Herald

091109 Ninja Assasin Press Conference @ Lotte Hotel

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