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Lee Min Ho needs a girlfriend to help clean up his room


In what would surely generate screams from fangirls, Lee Min Ho has no issues with walking around the house in his undergarments and "needs a girlfriend to help clean up his room."

The Korean star shared these and other personal trivia during his 'intimate fan-session' on Monday night, where his fans (mostly female) could also play games and cozy up to the hunk.

The 22-year-old, who rose to fame as the rich, spoilt teenager in Boys Over Flowers, came back to Singapore for a second visit (he first arrived in October).

He shared that he "personally loves to ski. At the ski center, 80% of the people there are couples and it makes me jealous. If I have a girlfriend, I will definitely bring her to go skiing,"

He then asked in jest, "How many of you guys know how to ski?" to which hands shot up from everywhere after his question., "That is more than I have expected! If you guys do not know how to ski, come to Korea and you'll be able to see me ski."

Asked about his ideal look for girlfriend, he answered, "She has to have a pair of charming eyes. A beautiful appearance, good skin, and has to be tall." (He's 1.86m.)

The actor drew out a portrait of his 'ideal woman' only to mock his own art skills. "My drawing capabilities are that of a five or six-year-old child."

While he spoke mostly in his Korean tongue with the help of an English translator, he attempted a few sentences in English like, "Where are you from?", "Nice to meet you," which only got his adoring fangirls bowling over even more with his earnest demeanour.

But for all the love chat, the heartthrob, who's been labeled as 'Sunshine Boy' because of his grin, plans to focus on building up his career, and revealed that he will only "consider getting married after turning 32." He addressed, in a letter he personally wrote, his local fans and promised "To fulfill your expectations, and challenge myself and try out even more different and interesting roles."

Source : YahooSG


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