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C.N Blue I'm A Loner MV Released


Indie Band C.N Blue (Code Name Blue) 'I'm A Loner' MV from their mini album Bluetory has finally been released.

I'm A Loner Music Video

cr. cnbluesky

Finally a proper indie band that produce good quality music(I hope I won't have to take back my words). The song is catchy and I love the MV. Especially towards the second half when they were performing on stage. Another thing that I'm so happy about that there isn't an over-use of autotune. I'm loving these boys already(especially the drummer*winks*). These boys will go far and I can't wait for their live performance.

Some additional info:
First Korean Mini Album 'Bluetory' release date 14 January 2010


01 외톨이야 (I’m a Loner)
02 Love Revolution
03 Y, Why…
04 Now or Never
05 그럴 겁니다… 잊을 겁니다… (I Will…Forget You…)

B-urning (Lee Jonghyun) Leader - Guitarist/Vocalist
L-ovely (Kang Minhyuk) - Drummer
U-ntouchable (Lee Jungshin) - Bass
E-motional (Jung Yonghwa) - Vocal/Guitarist


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