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Health & Beauty Tips : Lime

Do you know that lime has much more benefits than just to neutralize the after-taste of spirit? Believe or not, lime juice can do much more good to your body in order to keep yourself healthy.

I'm doing this report based on my own experience. Apparently, I have very sensitive skin on top of getting diagnosed with chronic gastric, so acidic juices like oranges, lemons and limes are not to be taken excessively. However, after numerous consultation with a lot of different specialists, I have finally found the best one that did not even burn a hole in my parents' pocket.
During my visit with my last specialist consultation, the doctor gave me a few tips to heal bruises, acnes and pimples. The solution; lime juice. Lime juice contains vitamin A, B and C; all are good for the body but are not to be taken excessively especially if you are a gastric patient. Here's my personal tips on the usage of lime juice for you health and beauty therapy.

As a beauty therapy; lime are great for acnes, bruises on face and body as well as dandruff. It help with healing bruises and reduces acnes/pimples. It also helps get rid of dandruff and hair loss. However, when apply lime juice externally, one will suffer a great deal of sting which will depends on how critical the condition of one's skin. The sting reduces after the skin heals but the result is incredible. Give it two weeks and you will see a whole different result on your skin.
Tip 1: Dab some lime juice only on the area of you face that is affected with acnes/pimples after washing. Leave it on for 15 minutes than apply toner and moisturizer. No need to wash away the juice. The juice will help reduce acnes/pimples as well as heals the skin. It also helps to reduce open pores.
Tip 2: Squeeze the juices of a whole lime (two if the bruises on your body is critical), and rubbed it all over your body (from neck to toe) before shower. Leave it on for 2 minutes, then rinse away with cool water only. This tip is only for the body area except the face. Remember that the acid of lime juice will sting but it depends on your skin condition. The sting will reduces once the skin starts healing. Not only will the juice help to heal bruises, it also helps with body odour and body dirt, leaving your skin feeling fresh and smooth.
Tip 3: Mix a whole lime juice with olive oil then apply all over your scalp and leave it on for 5-10 minutes. Rinse off with cool water before applying shampoo. Make sure to use the right kind of shampoo. Sometimes, dandruff are caused by the shampoo you are using. Lime juice will not only reduces and rids the dandruffs, it will also help to heal your scalp which ultimately reduces hairfall.

Drinking lime juice not only will quench your thirst after a long hard day under the hot blazing sun. It is also beneficial for dieting. Just take a glass of warm lime juice everyday (every alternate days for those who suffers from gastric)before breakfast or before sleeping. Lime juice helps to shrink your stomach which ensures you to feeling full almost the whole day as well as reduce your food intake. For better results, snack on fruits and exercise 3 times weekly. Fruits help to double the process of digestions and with already a good diet, exercise helps to burn fat faster. If helping you with diet is not enough, intake of lime juice internally helps heals the skin from inside which means faster recovery for acnes/pimples, bruises and dandruff healing especially when you apply lime juice on you skin as well.

These are tips given not by an expert but by someone who have experienced the result. Although the result on different people may vary, I do believe lime juice is one of the best home remedy for beauty and health. The best part of it all, it's ten times cheaper than purchasing expensive professional products. Personally, getting to spend less on a fruit that not only help with to reduce acnes/pimples, bruises and dandruff but also with dieting, is good enough of a remedy. Plus, you can get them at the nearest grocery stores.
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