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Younha Apologizes for Lipsyncing


On 8th Jan, Younha performed her song 'Broke Up Today' on Music Bank, but it was a lip-synced performance.

Younha who caught pneumonia was hospitalized for a week. She discharged recently and decided to resume back her activities. On the day of Music Bank rehearsal, Younha lost her voice and it was impossible for her to sing at all.

Younha who hasn't fully recovered was persuaded by her agency to rest more. However, she insisted on performing and stating that if she was going to faint, she would faint on the stage.

Losing her voice which got her into panic tears, Younha eventually performed by lipsyncing. Nevertheless, this lady felt really guilty for her fans and anyone watching her performance. She mouthed a 'Sorry' and bowed to the audience at the end of the song before leaving the stage.

'Broke up Today 'Lip-synced performance on Music Bank

On the next day, her condition changed a bit better but still looking tired, she actually sang live for the Music Core performance. Check out the video below:

'Broke up Today' Live performance on Music Core

cr: hdmuzic2nd

Although she sounded unstable for the live performance and looked as if she was going to tear any moment, I'm pretty sure she has moved the audience by her beautiful singing. I really admire her being so professional.

Hope she recovers soon!


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