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New York Fashion Week F/W 2010 : Jeremy Scott

Every K-POP artistes' favorite designer is back on the runway and he didn't miss a beat for his new Fall/Winter collection. We have seen many of his design on more than a handful of K-POP artistes, and believe when I say, we'll be seeing a lot more of it as his F/W collection is simply divine.

Jeremy Scott's designs have always been unique and interesting and for his Fall/Winter 2010 Collection, it was interesting to see his collection that is pretty normal for a change but in many ways, still has the signature Jeremy Scott 'flava'.

His inspiration,'Hanger Appeal', a result of his own view on fashion. Who would have thought of translating fashion into fashion? That's the sheer genius and eccentric mind of Jeremy Scott. There are pieces with the signature fashion prints that is truly a Jeremy Scott original and what lits up the runway the most is when three model strut down with mega fashion plaque belt to their waist.

My favorite piece has to be the one with the style printed sweatshirt. It is available for both men and women and it is just simply genius. Many may argue saying that the idea has been developed long ago, but I believe this is my first time seeing a design that's just so simple turned into something so intricate and beautiful.

The gold plaques of witty fashion quotes turned into road signs and the bejewelled pieces are just classic. For once, I actually loved his designs not that I hated them before as I have only liked them but for Jeremy Scott's Fall/Winter 2010 Collection, I just love them. Find out more of Jeremy Scott's Fall/Winter 2010 Collection at Coutorture.com, Style.com or ELLE.com

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