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SHINee’s popularity is underestimated in Singapore?

SHINee came to Singapore on 29th January and stayed for five days before leaving for Korea on 2nd February night.

SHINee came specially to attend Oh Joonsung’s Drama Concert @ Esplanade as guest performers on Monday and Tuesday. In addition, they also held a fansign event last Sunday. However, after the fansign event, these boys actually appeared on headlines in many local newspapers. Why is this so? Read more!

1. Arrival at Singapore Changi Airport
On Friday, like many other fans, I went to the Changi Airport to welcome the boys to Singapore too. The response was overwhelming! There were more than 2000 fans there that it was impossible to catch a glimpse of the artistes at all if you were not near the barricades or seeing at a higher eye level, or in other words, standing on chairs.

Check out their arrival clip below:

Credits; mediacorptv & minshinee@youtube

2. Press Conference
The next day, they had a press conference on Oh Joonsung’s Drama Concert. Check out the press conference footage here in English subbed.

Credits; mediacorptv & minshinee@youtube

3. Fansigning EventNow this was the cause that appeared on many local newspapers. This fansign event, which was held last Sunday, was a total chaos. It was said that only 1000 fans would be able to get SHINee’s autographs (from a random member only). Despite the rules saying no overnight queuing, fans started to gather at the venue as early as 10pm on the previous night! By 4am, there were already 1000 over fans and by noon, it was reported that there were more than 5000 fans there. No one expected the turnout to be that exaggerating.


Of course, every one of them wanted to have a glimpse of SHINee, who would then be at the top floor’s roof garden at noon. However, before the shopping mall even opened in the morning, fans were all outside waiting impatiently for the automated door to work. The fans became desperate and began to pry open the entrance door of the mall! You would never want to imagine how fans rushed in and ran up the escalators all the way to the top floor.

Out of 5000 fans, only one-fifth of them were allowed entry; it was no wonder fans became desperate and anxious. I was there too, hoping to see SHINee, but gave up the thought immediately as I was stunned by the chaotic scene in front of my eyes. It was SO frightening.


Fans running everywhere in the mall, commotions occurring between the security guards and normal shoppers because the fangirls were blocking the escalators, causing this poor kid to fall and crying out loud.

The crowd was uncontrollable and in order to stop them from forcing their way up to the roof garden, the mall eventually broadcasted the event on these LCD TVs. Not being able to see their idols real life, fans started screaming and snapping photos of the screen.


Even outside the mall!


In conclusion, it was as if riots were happening at the mall. I was seriously in shock. Having an event at such a small place, I’m sure no one actually thought that SHINee’s popularity is so high.

Here's some picture treats at the event;


What do you think of their fashion sense? I kinda like Jonghyun's dressing ^^


4. Oh Joonsung’s Drama Concert
From what I heard, SHINee actually had a fansign after the concert and this time round it wasn’t just a random member’s autograph, but all 5 of them! They held it for approximately 25 minutes. Maybe they knew majority of the fans were disappointed at the previous fansign.

However, many people are feeling bad for Oh Joon Sung. Because of the fansign event, fans who occupied most of the seats ran out immediately(to queue) just right after SHINee's performances of 'Stand By Me' and 'Countdown'. The empty seats left Oh Joon Sung in awkwardness but even in this situation, he was graceful and smiling throughout the rest of the concert.

I don't know what to say about this. It really left me speechless to see fans acting this way.

Check out SHINee performing ‘Stand By Me’, one of the songs from Boys Over Flowers drama!

And somemore pictures taken by Korean fans who came all the way here to see them!


Do you think SHINee will come to Singapore again? I really do hope so and pray hard for fans to be more well-behaved the next time.

Meanwhile, SHINee is back in Korea and they attended the 19th Seoul Music Awards on 3rd February.

Photo credits to: Sherlene/kimkyu@soompi, dreamerexe
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