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Was F.T Island's fanmeet in Singapore successful?

Two popular male groups came to Singapore over the weekend! With one of SHINee's event which caused an unpleasant uproar, was F.T Island, on the other hand, successful in their activities here?

In comparison to SHINee’s fansign in Singapore, F.T Island’s one was more peaceful as not many fans turned up at the venue. Why? Reason being on the day of their fansign, it was also SHINee’s arrival in Singapore! If there were already 2000 fans over at the airport, it was no wonder F.T Island’s event was so much quieter..

F.T Island also held a fanmeeting at Dragonfly @ St. James Powerstation on the next day, 30th January. It was the same venue as their previous showcase which was held in June 2009. As the 1000 tickets were sold earlier, only that number of fans were allowed entry to the venue. The queue was organised and everyone entered the bar systematically.

When F.T Island came on stage, they started tuning their instruments and exchanging serious looks with each other. For this, it was already impressive to me, haha! F.T Island sang 'I Hope' for their opening. They also played some games too. First one was the answering of post-its questions which were written by fans.

Hongki picked a random one and was asked to sing "참 좋은 말 (Really Good Words)". I got totally high because I love that song a lot in 'You're Beautiful' drama! Seunghyun was asked to dance SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong, and he showed off the ‘rocka rocka’ dance part and ran back to his initial position in embarrassment! The other members were asked some basic questions as well.

Check out the clip below to watch this segment!

So they also sang a few songs such as 'Bing Bing Bing', 'Love Sick', and 'Still/As Ever' using his Jeremy role in 'You’re Beautiful'. He was whining for Jolie and ended the song with a pout saying, "Jolie~~~~ I missh you TT" It was totally cute.

Leader Jonghun had some guitar solo in the middle of those songs and I squealed unknowingly. That charisma was so heartfelt and I was so starstruck just by looking at him!

F.T Triple performed a song too, 'Love Letter'. Jaejin basically took over the stage with the other two members; Minhwan and Jonghun. Jaejin was really amazing singing live. I used to think he couldn't really sing, but I was so wrong now.

Check out F.T Triple’s Love Letter fancam:

After playing games with lucky fans who got a Nokia phone and selca pictures with F.T Island on stage, they wrapped up the fanmeet with an encore song, "Primadonna”. Hongki got so high that he started throwing water across the crowd below the stage (yes, along with the empty bottle which I hope it didn't hit any one badly).

They held a handshaking session at the end of it and fans would only get a handshake from a random member. F.T Island then came on stage and was asked to pick a colour from a box. They then distinguished this by the strip of coloured paper worn around fans’ wrists which was given before they entered the place.

So while the handshaking event was in progress, many fans were requesting for a hug from the members and of course, they were too nice to decline (If you were lucky enough not to get pulled away by the staffs). Some other fans took advantage by shaking more than a member's hand. I got a hug and a handshake from Jonghun and I was once again starstruck on stage. (Now I can live as a happy fangirl of his. ^^)

Watch the following official clip for a summary of the fanmeet!

It was reported that F.T Island will be holding an asia tour in Korea and 7 other countries including Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. Also, with Hongki saying, “Hope to see you guys at our next concert” during the fanmeet, I’m pretty sure they will be coming to Singapore soon. =)

On a side note, Hongki's English really improved a lot!

Picture credits :mediacorptv, xin.sg, kelly@singapore
Credits: mediacorptv + jinnienomuyeppo03, MiKaGaMi17


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