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2NE1 "Try To Copy Me MV" Released


2NE1 "Try To Copy Me" Unveiled. Check it out!

I've always wondered why it took so long for the MV to be released. After watching this, I'm like "So this is why". Most K-pop groups nowadays are coming up with dark/black concept. Not that I'm complaining but this is a nice change.

2NE1 bring it with their forever-unconventional styles(which I love). I just love how 2NE1 MV(s) are always random. It's very unique and unpredictable. And how they are always different from the rest.

The song is very catchy and addictive. The dance choreography is awesome. I had so much fun watching the MV and I'm pretty sure 2NE1 had a great time shooting it too.

Things that I love in the MV:
CL in the MV was just awesome. She change her outfit, I don't know, like a gazillion times and she rock every single one of it.
Dara with those guns and stormtroopers. Funny and random.
Bom with her new hairdo which I'm totally loving it.
And Maknae Minzy. With her cool dance moves.

2NE1 says, "Try To Copy Me"
I say, "I'm trying here" *exasperated*

SO what do you think?

Video Credit: YGEntertainment


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