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It's Time For "Spring Cleaning"!


The rays of sunshine are increasingly more common to be seen instead of the dim grey clouds. As the grass is getting greener and the landscape becoming less of a black & white portrait, spring is just around the corner.

From fashion trends to beauty tips,
here's your guide to fully transform yourself away from hiding beneath the layers of monochromatic colours into the pastels and florals of this pretty season of 2010!

Little White Dress, no longer Little Black Dress.
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Photobucket Photobucket
Quite self-explainitory in the heading. The white dresses have taken the role of the black dresses! Got a party to attend? Don't reach for the black one, reach for the white one! Styles range from Roman/Greek goddess-like togas, etheral fairy frocks, and romantic dresses. Clockwise starting from the top left: Michael Kors, Chloe, Alberta Ferretti, and Chanel.

Floral dresses too.
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Erdem (left) and Cynthia Rowley (right). As they often are, floral dresses are in again.

Lingerie-inspired styles are becoming in vogue.
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The top row of photographs are from Christian Dior, the bottom left photograph is from Sonia Rykiel, and the bottom right photograph is from Marc Jacobs; all from their S/S 2010 fashion shows. There are also many other designers such as Valentino and Viktor&Rolf who have used inspirations from lingerie to create their looks this season. If you'd like to take up on this trend without looking like the word that starts with the letter "s", here are two tips:
1. Wear a pretty camisole or bustier tucked into a skirt (or shorts) for a feminine feel.

Yet searching for finer cheese.

"I'm on the threshold of greatness, girl"

Dress-A-Friend Fridays!

2. Or wear them peeking out of a cardigan with a pair jeans for a more casual look.

Daily outfit 2

3. Wear dresses that have a corset or bustier bodice for more structure to the body shape.

12.12.O9 1O:34 a.m

"Tuck your shirt in!"
In 2001, it was considered either professional or tacky when shirts are tucked in. However, now that the positions of the 0 and 1 exchanged places to form 2010, it's chic now that highwaisted things are back in vogue. The above photographs are from lookbook, a website that showcases average people's outfits from all over the world, and if you go on the site, you'd see that many people in fact do tuck their shirts in. It has become a trend. Tucking your shirt in would also make your legs look longer as it gives off the illusion that your waist is higher.

Embrace more natural-looking make up!
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Down the Spring 2010 runways, most of the makeup are now more natural like Chanel (above), for example. Below is a video from Seventeen magazine backstage at the Carolina Herrera show showing tips on how to achieve the look:

A hybrid of soft waves and natural texture on the runways.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

The photograph as follows from left to right: Vera Wang, Versace, and Jil Sander. Basically this spring, one mustn't need much masterful skills to achieve the hair on the runways. Most of the hairstyle are just waves that the models naturally have and are slight undone. Here are the steps to achieve undone waves:

  1. Shampoo and condition with volumizing shampoo and conditioner.
  2. Apply a bit of mousse and towel dry hair
  3. Take an inch curling iron and wrap randoms pieces of hair on the outside of the iron, no need to use the clamp. This way, the waves won't be as stiff and more loose and natural.
  4. Repeat on entire head.
  5. Take a comb and tease the crown of the head for a bit of volume.
  6. Mist with light hairspray and you're done!


  1. Nothing (as it's "natural texture", after all)


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