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Jaebeom Covers "Nothing on You"


Ex-leader of 2PM, Park Jae Beom posted a video of him a covering B.O.B's of "Nothing on you" on his youtube page. The video gained much interest and has already more than 1.8 million hits .Read more in full post!

On his channel, he posted the following message:
Wassup everyone i'd like to thank all the fans that have been so nice to me, my family, my crew, thank you so much for all your love and support , created this youtube account so i can post up videos of just covers and whatever and you guys could watch so yeah check it out. Also i try to make every negative situation into a postive situation. saying or doing negative things arnt the right way to go in my opinion so less all just love and respect each other =) God Bless


Jay park

2pm fighting! i dont want you guys to hate on 2pm on behalf of me cause i still love those guys and likewise. they're still my homies. if you dont want to support them thats cool you know but i just want everyone to get along and move on and all do great things know what i'm sayin? =)

Jaebeom's & 2pm's fans showed their support and gave their encouragement to him through the comments left on his youtube page. As for me, i burst into tears after watching the video as well as reading the small note he posted.

We will Always Love & Support You, Jay!

Picture credits: Newsen


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