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Mr.Scott wants to put 2NE1 in his pocket!

During Jeremy Scott's visit to Korea for his Adidas Originals party last March, he and 2NE1 had a fashion advertorial shoot for NYLON Magazine for May issue. The pictures are not out yet but there's a behind the scenes footage for the photo shoot that I must say, after watching the video, I can already feel the excitement tingling in my body. Mr Scott jokingly mentioned in the video that he wants to put 2NE1 in his pockets because they are so little. Check out the behind the scenes video!

In the video, if you notice, MR Scott being a good boy is drinking Perrier which is quite rare as he's usually loyal to booze. Anyway, the girls enthusiastic energy just made the shoot more interesting and fun. I bet the photographer had fun snapping them! The accessories just make you want to enter into the screen and steal those pretty bling blings. As for the shoes,shoe lovers out there especially high dunks fans, I can read you! Shoegasm!! We definitely can't wait for the juicy pictures to be out! So, keep your shiny pretty little eyes peeled for it!

Pics: Snapshot by Elosoul


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