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Samsung Anycall Corby Family Festival :2NE1, 2PM and More!

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Samsung Anycall Corby Family Festival
took place on April 24,2010 at the Seoul Olympic Park Fencing Stadium. 2NE1,2PM ,Son Dam Bi, DJ Koo and Kim Tae Woo shared the same stage and kept the crowd energized throughout the concert with their strong stage presence and performances. About 5000 people were present at the event.

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2NE1 performing Try to Follow Me

2Ne1 performed a total of 4 songs including 'Try To Follow Me,' 'Fire, Let's Go Party 'and 'I Don't Care'. Son Dam Bi, clad in silver leggings, showed off her famous 'chair' dance with two other performances "Bad Boy" and 'Saturday Night'.

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2PM performing Heartbeat

The main highlight of the event was 2PM . The whole crowd got hyped up when 2PM step on stage .2PM performed their new song 'Without U' and got the fans to sing along with them . On top of that, they also performed 'My Color' ,"Heartbeat" and encore '10 Points out of 10 Points'.

More Pictures of the Event

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Kim Tae Woo

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Son Dam Bi

Watch SSTV 2PM's Perf. below!

Picture credits: Newsen, Bnt News, Tvdaily, SPN

Video credit: NeoYayoiza


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