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BEAST Fan Meeting in Malaysia

It was a day filled with much anticipation and excitement for all Beauties in Malaysia. They surrounded the whole area in front of FCUK Outlet in One Utama Concourse repeatedly singing along to Beast's songs played by the organizers. They waited patiently to meet their idols; Beast, a South Korean boy group consisting of members DooJoon (Leader), HyunSeung, JunHyung, YoSeob, KiKwang and DongWoon. Beast stole the many hearts of Malaysian Beauties with their debut track 'Bad Girl' and their second single, 'Shock'. Click to read more of the event coverage and check out pictures of the hot dashing boys!

The sun was shining very brightly indeed and despite the heat, Beast's fans were still energetic and full of life as they waited patiently for Beast to arrive at the One Utama Concourse in front of FCUK Outlet. Today will be the day they will never forget as they will be nose-to-nose with the boys from Beast.


Just a few minutes after 5PM, two white vans pulled up right next to the stage and fans started screaming and waving with excitement as they saw shadows moving around inside the vehicles supposedly to be Beast members. When the boys finally stepped out of the vehicles clad in matching light navy blue suits, I can definitely feel the love Beauties have for them. The boys were asked to pose for the media before they proceed with the fan meet. Little did I know, more events will be taking place during this fan meeting. After some shots for the media, the autograph signing begins and fans eagerly lines up to meet with their favorite stars of the day.

The boys took a break and during this time, a small contest were taking place. Three girls were asked to sing to 'Bad Girl' without music or lyrics and the three will face each other to win the hearts of the audience. The winner will get a chance to take a picture with the boys as well as a signed poster.

Right after this contest wrapped up, Beast's Leader, DooJoon received a surprise birthday celebration from their fans. Complete with a cake, one lucky fan were chosen to bring the cake onto the stage while the rest will sing the birthday song for the birthday in both Malay and Korean.


The autograph signing continues and it was amazing to see the fans still full of energy and excitement despite the hot weather and the long hours of queuing. This may not be my first time witnessing such event but I am definitely jealous of the boys. They have enough love to last them a lifetime from these Beauties and that is only from Malaysia.

Once the fan meet wraps up, the boys thanked their wonderful fans for their undying support and love and promises to come back again to visit their Malaysian Beauties. I was mildly excited when I caught not 1 but 3 of the members to wave into our camera. Perhaps soon, our lovely ELOSOUL readers will get the chance to see the video.

Photographer : Crystal_Keiz


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