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BEAST Loves Malaysia !

From Left to right: DongWoon and Yo seop

BEAST has successfully wrapped out their promotions here in Malaysia for three days consecutively from June 26 to June 28.On the 26th, their album showcase 'Shock Of The New Era' was held at KL Live which gather around 2000 fans. The next day, the boys were at One Utama Shopping Centre for an autograph session. Finally, they returned to Korea yesterday night. The members of BEAST has safely arrived to Korea this morning .

YoSeop helds a rose beneath his teeth and catches Dong Woon into his arms .
Cheesy and Mushy isn't it?

Upon their arrival in Korea, JunHyung posted a message on his twitter alongside with two photos of Dong Woon and Yo Seop clad in " I LOVE MALAYSIA" tees .

JunHyung tweeted,

"Arrives in South Korea! Thanks for making so good memories here in Malaysia ! Finally, a good-bye ceremony from Yo Seop and Dong Woon".

Via JunHyung's twitter

Stay tuned to ElosoulOnline post on BEAST Showcase and Press conference in Malaysia!


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