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Taegguk Warriors Beats Super Eagles

The Taegguk Warriors celebrates as they qualify for the World Cup 2010 Knockout Round

It's a memorable night for South Korea/Korea Republic's football team as they managed to squeeze through the Knockout Stage of the 2010 World Cup last night. Korea Republic drew with Nigeria which ultimately qualify them for the next round as same group Greece bows out after a lost to Argentina on the same night. Read on for full report.

Yesterday was a crucial day for all competing countries of the World Cup 2010. Group A match witness the host country not being able to qualify for the knockout round by goal difference which ultimately sends Uruguay and Mexico for the round of 16. However, the fight for Group B was a tougher one as any of the bottom three countries (excluding Argentina who has automatically qualified after 2 wins) are eligible to pass through the round of 16.

Lee Jung Soo scores the first goal which level Korea and Nigeria

Asia's hopefuls, Korea Republic or Taegguk Warriors was wary of their position. A win or a draw could qualify them into the next round. It was a great night for the young Korean players who saw themselves advancing through with a 2-2 draw against Nigeria. A goal by Lee Jung Soo and Park Chu Young were enough to deny the Nigerian squad of the Knock Stage.

Jung Soo celebrates his goal with teammate Chu Young

Nigeria took the lead after 12 minutes but slowly they saw their lead taken away after a goal by Lee Jung Soo, taken after a corner pass from Ki Sung Yeung which took the Koreans level. It was even more heartbreaking for the Eagles as they carelessly witness the Warriors take the lead after Park Chu Young curled a beautiful free kick and send it straight past the defense and the keeper. Not giving up, Nigerian drew level after Korean Kim Nam Il conceded a penalty in favor for the Nigerians in the 66th minute. Yakubu took the spot and send home the equalizer giving more confidence to his team to take home the glory.

Park Chu Young's free kick that sends Korea ahead of Nigeria

South Korea was lead by Man United's Park Ji Sung

But all the hard work did not pay off for Nigeria as the Red Warriors (clad in white jersey though) stood strong in their defense to hold the draw in order to qualify them into the next round. After the final whistle, many could witness the likes of the new and young Korean players shedding tears of joy as they made their first World Cup appearance into the Round of 16. South Korea's biggest achievement in World Cup was back in 2002 when they play in the semi-finals.

Picture credits to FIFA World Cup Official Website
YouTube credits to NickCh9595


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