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BEAST Press Conference at Hotel Nikko,Kuala Lumpur

South Korean boyband, BEAST were in town here last week for 3 days for their promotional tour "Shock of The New Era". Universal Music Malaysia held a "Vote Just For Beast" online petition to gain votes from fans inviting them to visit Malaysia. Just three days before the voting ends;Universal Music Malaysia receives an overwhelming response from the fans which totals about 8000 votes and news immediately hits Universal Music Korea and Cube Entertainment. Malaysia was then chosen as a part of BEAST's promotional tour in ASEAN. We , Elosoul did a full coverage on BEAST Press Conference and Showcase while they were here in Malaysia.Without further ado, check out our coverage on BEAST Press Conference in Malaysia.

The press conference was held before the showcase which took place at Hotel Nikko, Kuala Lumpur on the 26th.

Many media and reporters were present which garner a huge interest towards the beastly boys. At 4PM, the press conference started as BEAST gave a warm greeting to the media politely with "Nice to meet you, We are BEAST".Clad in red , the boys are looking smart in their suits.

BEAST consists of six members namely Yoon Doo Joon, Jang Hyun Seung, Lee Gi Kwang, Yang Yo Seop, Son Dong Woon and Yong Jun Hyung. All the members of BEAST can speak Mandarin and the interview was conducted without the help of a translator which wowed the media.


The boys showcase each of their individual talents to the media. Hyun Seung dubbed as the "Dancing Machine" shows off some sleek moves. Gi Kwang flashed his hot chocolate abs to the media while Yo Seop sings a few lines of their song, 'Not Yet' . And Jun Hyung shows off his rapping skills with help of Doo Joon's beat boxing. Indeed, the beastly boys are talented in terms of singing, dancing an rapping which makes the group interesting.


BEAST has announced that they will release their 3rd mini album. So, look forward to it!

We managed to catch a glimpse of the boys on the way out of the hotel lobby;heading to KL Live.

First to appear, Jun Hyung.

Doo Joon walking out while listening to his Ipod.

Hyung Seung escorted by the security

BEAST's outfits

More Photos of BEAST


BEAST Press Conference by StarOnlineTv

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Photos taken by Crystal KeizWritten by Nessa
Video credits: Thestaronline


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