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Gillian Chung promotes her movie in Malaysia

Recently Gillian Chung, the member of Hong Kong well known duo girl group TWINS was here in Malaysia to promote her movie "The Fantastic Water Babes" sponsored by Jaz Beer. <>
The Fantastic Water Babes" is a romantic comedy in which Gillian plays an innocent but gusty girl who is dumped by her boyfriend and plans to win back his love. She challenges herself and decides to learn how to swim to get her revenge through the help of a swim coach. During the process, they evolve from quarrelsome enemies to lovers. In the end Gillian determination and courage pay off and she blossoms from a swimming novice to a fantastic water babe through the coach's guidance. The movie is directed by Jeff Lau. Besides than Gillian Chung acted as the main cast, Alex Fong, Stephen Fung and Eva Huang are featured in the movie as well.


In line with the theme of the movie, Gillian partied and participated in various challenging games with 250 lucky winners from radio stations, newspapers, GSC facebook and Jaz Beer facebook contest.

Lucky fans that get to be up-close with their idol.

Since Jaz Beer is the sponsor for the movie, a game to compete who can drink Jaz Beer the fastest were played too.

The winner for drinking Jaz Beer the fastest.

Besides than some games were played, there were lucky draw too.


350 special invited guests had a sneak preview of the movie during the Gala Premiere. Not only the enthusiastic fans and supporters have the opportunity to seek her autograph and were up-close with the star, many attractive prizes were given away too.

Ms Christina Tang, Senior Marketing Manager of Jaz Beer handling over the special customize floaters to Gillian Chung as a token of appreciation.

Remember to catch "The Fantastic Water Babes" in GSC cinema near you today.


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