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Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week A/W 2010 : Christian Dior

It's back...the Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week is back and John Galliano made a wonderful impression for Christian Dior's haute couture collection. It was show that is dedicated entirely to flowers and many could tell from how brilliantly Galliano manipulate the fabric into beautiful flower petals as well as the mix and match of the colors furthermore the contrasting make-up and hair style that complements the collection beautifully.

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VOGUE UK - JOHN GALLIANO brought back the magic of couture
Style.com - it was the precision of the inspiration that accounted for the show's clarity

This was a show that gained a lot of anticipation as John Galliano announces the show to held in a set-up tent in the gardens of Musee Rodin. What's Musee Rodin?? Well, does Rodin rings any bell? How about Auguste Rodin the popular French sculptor? Musee Rodin aka Rodin Museum is a museum where they display Rodin's creations. If you still have no idea who is Auguste Rodin, perhaps the sculpture of The Thinker might help. Anywho, Galliano decided to hold Christian Dior's haute couture collection in the gardens of Rodin's Museum, somewhat quite a first to be heard.

The main theme of the collection is wonderful colors and it did remind me well of the garden scene in Alice in Wonderland, and Gallaino explained how a thorough study of the flowers and its nature course was what became the inspiration for the collection. It was an outstanding opening of the Haute Couture Fashion Week. John Galliano turned the heat up this season with not only a well mashed color fusion but he also managed to fuse pieces of different fabric together from tulles with chiffons and wools added with magnificent flowery prints.

As usual, Karlie Kloss opened the show with bright purple overcoat shaped like a tulip. Other mega models stomped the catwalk as well in the flowery Christian Dior haute couture designs like Liu Wen and Jessica Stam. From bubble dresses to flowy dresses made of flower petals from afar graced one after another throughout the entire show.

Most notable piece is the 'Morning Glory' piece as I would call it. The dress made of white chiffon shaped into tulip petal for both the bottom and the top and in the middle it looks as if Galliano used a tie-dye method and drew in navy blue dye. The blue shade spreads nicely up and down the entire dress making it looking like a real flower or better like a morning glory.

From beautiful clothes to beautiful details. It was inspiring to see pieces made of hard fabric such as wool and organza yet still looks soft as the models stride down the runway. The chiffon and tulles dresses were simply exquisite. The make-up complements the collection so well of bright eye colors and plum lips. The models were mostly style with tulip hairstyle or I would personally call it the rosebud hairstyle.

It was simply breathtaking to watch a man manages to aligned a garden concept on his clothes and everything else that should complement fashion. What was even more breathtaking is the closing dress of black tulle with a burst of all shades of fucshia.

Picture credits to Style.com


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