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8TV Showdown 2010

Ready to hit the dance floor with Malaysia's Top 5 Showdown finalists? If you have been watching Showdown 2010 or have been to the live show, then you should know what it is all about.
Since Showdown 2010 kicked off beginning of January, it has now reached the top 5 of the show!
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Showdown Top 5 Dance Off took place in KL Live on the 28th of June. The overall performance was broke down into 2 themes - Soundtracks and The Streets.

Wakaka Crew

Soundtracks :
All 5 teams dressed up creatively according to the theme they've chosen. They successfully entertained the crowd with their powered and energetic moves, not forgetting about their cute costumes.

Famous Crew

The audiences gone wild when Wakaka Crew performed. They got wonderful comments from the panel of judges. Maple even complimented that their performance was indeed a great opening for the show! That once again made the crowd cheer for them!

HMC Phlow

Giller Battle Crew which had a huge fan base received lots of support from their fans. The supporters were all very satisfied with their performances and could not stop cheering for them through out the whole show. The songs which they have chosen rocked the floor with Deeper Underground by Jamiroquai and Come with Me by Puff Daddy ft. Jimmy Page.
Another crew which made the crowd gone wild was Floor Fever. Like how they were named, they definitely heat up the stage with their powerful and synchronized dance steps.

Giller Battle Crew

The Streets :
During the second half of the event, the crowd could hardly resist themselves from enjoying the performances by the 5 teams. The crowd kept yelling and cheering for all the crews. It seems like all 5 crews were more confident, or perhaps, they were more settled and did really well after their first show. All 5 crews rocked the house that night!

At the end of the day, only 1 team - which was the Wakaka Crew, was saved from undergoing the battle round. The remaining 4 crews that fell in the bottom four were Famous Crew, HMC Phlow, Giller Battle Crew, and Floor Fever. It was Floor Fever vs HMC Phlow and Famous Crew vs Giller Battle Crew that had to battle it out as DJ Fuzz dropped the beats.

Floor Fever

As the two defeated teams, Famous Crew and Floor Fever faced the judges, it was time to say goodbye to Famous Crew. The crews that have engraved their names in the Top 4 spots include Wakaka Crew, Floor Fever, Giller Battle Crew and HMC Phlow.

Despite the fact that Famous Crew was eliminated this round, one representative from all 5 teams including Famous Crew themself were rewarded a trip to Korea by 8TV & Korea Tourism Organization for the worlds biggest Bboy Championships and Urban Arts Festival - the R16, from the 1st to the 5th of July 2010.

If you have missed the live show last Wednesday, feel free to log on to 8TV website for recorded episodes.

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