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[EXCLUSIVE] Interview with INFINITE Part 2

Here's the second part of the interview with INFINITE as well as some "fun" photo of them.
Once again we would like to say a BIG Thank You to our associated partner M.E for the help and contribution.

What is your best body part ?

L : My nose is my best part *points at nose*

Dong Woo: Can I choose two? I have two best point (M.E: Sure~). My lips and my eyes.

Sung Jong: My eyes is my best part.

Sung Gyu: I like my hands the most.

Woo Hyun: I think my nose is nice.

Hoya : My lips is pretty don't you think? *pouts*

Sung Yeol: My nose ~


What will you do after you retire from being a kpop star?

Sung Gyu: I will still sing.

L : Still in the industry, maybe get a second job as a photographer.

Dong Woo: I hope I can be a composer by then.

Sung Jong: Maybe still an artist.

Woo Hyun: I want to be a composer like Dong Woo.

Hoya :Artist

Sung Yeol: I hope I can be an entertainer.


So, we are just curios what are the first application Infinite uses when you switch on the computer?

L & Hoya : Fan Cafe

Dong Woo:Cyworld

Sung Jong/ Sung Gyu / Woo Hyun / Sung Yeol : Twitter ! (M.E: You guys have twitter?) Soon.. soon.. coming soon.

M.E NOTE : they are currently on twitter :)


Please suggest one Korean food that your Malaysian fans must try.

L :Kimchi Jjigae (kimchi stew)

Dong Woo: Fried Baby Octopus

Sung Jong: Sikhye drinks (traditional rice tea)

Sung Gyu: Dwenjang Jjigae ( bean-paste stew)

Woo Hyun: Bibimbap

Hoya :Spaghetti (M.E : Korean food..) oh, korean food ? Bibimbap (Woo Hyun: I did that one) Oh you did ?

Sung Yeol: Bulgogi (marinated barbecued beef)


Do you have any plans to promote oversea at the time being?

Sung Gyu: We want to go anywhere that have Infinite fans and we will work hard so that we can meet all of our fans as soon as possible.


What can the Malaysian fans expect from INFINITE in the future?

Hello all~ we just recently released our first mini album 'First Invasion' and perform in music shows with our title song 'Come Back Again'. We will continue to show our bright healthy appearance and our musical sides to all of you. Please look forward to it and we really loves you!

Nam Woo Hyun


Maknae Sung Jung



L & Dong Woo


Sung Yeol & Hoya

Maknae & Dong Woo

Woo Hyun & Leader Sung Gyu

In the middle of the interview





Signing autograph

Our precious autograph from INFINITE specially dedicated to ELOSOUL.

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