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Experiencing the KPOP and Culture Fest in The Philippines


JJANG Events held their first ever KPOP And CULTURE FEST last August 8, 2010 at the Megatrade Hall in SM Megamall in Manila, Philippines. As of 1:00PM, there had already been 4,000 people who had entered the venue to show their love for Korean music and everything else in-between.

The Kpop convention featured different events as well as booths. The booths that littered around the venue were 20 fanclubs and entrepreneurs showcasing their wares from Korea featuring famous artists from the Hallyu wave. There were also exciting competitions such as the Cosplay Competition, FC Fan Chant Battle, K-Drama Parody Contest, kimchi eating contest, rameon eating contest, and a KFEST IDOL for sing and dance category. A lucky attendee was also able to take home an LG Lollipop phone.

ELOSOUL was there to get to know some of the k-pop fans who graced the event as well as the fanclubs who were there to recruit members and share the love for their idols. It was amazing to see how many Filipinos share so much love for k-pop!

Karen Mae and Jeiel

How long have you been a fan of kpop?
More than 1 year
What drew you towards kpop?
K-pop is really fresh and there are so many handsome guys!
Who are your favorite artists?
Super Junior and SHINee
Do you try dressing up like your favorite idols?
We both try to integrate k-pop in what we wear.

Arel, Ena and Glen

How long have you been a fan of kpop?
2 years.
What drew you towards kpop?
The elaborate costumes and the unique music videos.
Who are your favorite artists?
SNSD, Big Bang, Super Junior, T-ara and Miss A
Do you try dressing up like your favorite idols?
We try to emulate their concept but in a subtle way.

Angelo, Fredo, Kyle, Ramil and April (aka Mix Masters who are contestants in the KFEST Idol)

How long have you been a fan of kpop?
3 years.
What drew you towards kpop?
The choreography of most k-pop groups is amazing.
Who are your favorite artists?
TVXQ, U-Kiss and Beast
Do you try dressing up like your favorite idols?
Yes, but mostly we try to use accessories that k-pop idols usually wear.

Glaziel Gonzaldo (aka Jessica of SNSD)

How long have you been a fan of kpop

? From when I was in 3rd year high school...I'm now in 3rd year college.
What drew you towards kpop?
I just love k-pop and j-pop!
Who are your favorite artists?
SNSD, Super Junior and SHINee
Do you try dressing up like your favorite idols?
I love Korean fashion that's why I make it a point to be like them.

Justin, John, Gerald, Brian and Earl (aka Big Bang)

How long have you been a fan of kpop?
It's been a year.
What drew you towards kpop?
The pretty girls plus the fashion and choreography
Who are your favorite artists?
U-Kiss, Super Junior, Beast, Big Bang, 2PM, almost all artists
Do you try dressing up like your favorite idols?
For Brian and Earl, they mostly try to but it depends on what the occasion is.

Among the fanclubs we were able to meet were SuJu United Philippines, MBLAQ Philippines, and 2PM Philippines.

SuJu United Philippines
was formed on Sept. 5, 2008 as a union of 4 fan clubs all over the Philippines, namely Sahoe, SJ FPO, Suju Pinas and SJ Philippines. They are composed of 1,500 official members and as a member, one is entitled to receive freebies as well as albums the fan club gives away. They will soon be having a gathering at the SMX Convention Center on Sept. 11, 2011 as the 3rd General Assembly where members are bound to have a great time interacting with their fellow Filipino E.L.F.s! As a group, they believe that k-pop is definitely here to stay in the Philippines and its only now that its popularity has boomed.

2PM Philippines
was formed on July 22, 2009 and as a group, they have gatherings and projects when the 2PM members have birthdays and anniversaries. They also make it a point to support other fan clubs, such as One Way Philippines. They have over 1,000 members and the privileges that each member has is to be invited to every event they organize. As to the question of whether k-pop is here to stay in the Philippines, they believe that it all depends on the fan clubs and how they will be able to maintain its force.

MBLAQ Philippines was also formed in 2009, but in October. Their group keeps its members updated with everything that concerns MBLAQ, and already has over 70 members. As a member, one will be able to receive a membership and photo card. You can also purchase their membership kit which includes a lanyard, shirt, pins and IDs. As a group, they also believe that k-pop is not just a fad and is only becoming more popular because of media. They said that Filipinos are more open to embracing Korean culture because its closer to our own and this can also be seen from the various Filipino acts that also portray k-pop groups.

Its very enlightening to see so many fans of K-pop gathered in one place and see that such is very much alive in the hearts of so many Filipinos. Congratulations to JJANG Events for a successful event!

More pictures from the K-pop Convention:


Thanks to: Patrisha Sofia D. Delgado of Jjang Events, Narl Marquez of Suju United Phil., Joyce Santander of 2PM Phil., and Ann Cortez and Bianca Mate of MBLAQ Phil.

Written by: Bea M. Santos
Photos by: Brian B. Dejaresco


She has been a fan for K-POP for quite some time and enjoys blobbing anything about K-POP and events.


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