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FT Island Unveils 'Love Love Love' MV

FT Island mini album Beautiful Journey is up for preorder today and if that isn't enough, their title track 'Love Love Love' (also known as Sarang Sarang Sarang) music video is out. Without further ado, check out the MV !

The lyrics of the song is beautiful yet sad. Lee Hongki(voice) has capture the essence of it and he delivered the song in a way that it tugs at your heartstrings and make you want to tear up while listening to it.

My interpretation of the two "puppets"(people) in the MV is that they want to be with each other. But both are controlled by the "string"(which I think refers to the mind or heart). It is up to the individual on how they want to make sense of the MV though.

Mini-Album: Beutiful Journey

1. 사랑사랑사랑 (Love Love Love)
2. 굳은 살이 박혀버려..
3. Baby Love
4. 미친 듯이 너 하나만 (Only You Like Crazy)
5. 돈키호테의 노래 (Songs of Don Quixote)
(info as at Wikipedia)

Video Credit: kpopsubs


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