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Don’t fret! It’s just these lust-worthy Acne wedge boots that CL from 2NE1 is rocking. YG Entertainment recently released pictures of Behind the Scenes of 2NE1’s new music video called Go Away at YG-life. Check it out! The music video for Go away would be aired on September 10th (tomorrow, yaw!). This site has been updating pictures of 2NE1 and making their fans (including me) anticipate their comeback even more which is set to be on September 12th at SBS Inkigayo. Check out CL "the baddest female" rocking out those shoes!

Written by: Ida Su

I would personally prefer the shoes to be in another color than white. It looks like her foot is in a cast. Nonetheless, I am in love with this shoe. Their styling looks a bit more matured than their previous looks. Does this got do with the change in stylists? Their new stylists are named Seo Han Young and Lee Han Jung. They are the designers of viva_H hailing from South Korea and hopefully they are as good as Yang Seungho (aka Yanggeng); Lee Hyun Jung (aka Daniel Sexy Lee) or even better.

Acne Atacoma Black Metal Wedge started getting attention after Alexa Chung wore them at her MTV It’s On With Alexa Chung show and the blogosphere went lusting over these bad boys.



If you want to take a sneak peek at their new stylists, you can watch it here.

Image Source: YG-live, justjared, acne


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