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Congratulations to Elosoul X JYJ contest winners!


Elosoul would once again like to thank to those who have participated in our mini Elosoul X JYJ Contest on our Facebook page and we appreciate all the love and support that you readers have warmly showered us. So this is the moment that everybody has been waiting for and we have finally deliberated the lucky six winners among the top 10 most liked pictures on Elosoul's Facebook page. Click click to see results.

And the lucky six winners are.... *Drum rolls*

#1 Chua Sze Jie, 910816-01-xxxx, Muar, Johor

#2 Khairunisa binti Yaacob, 940321-14-xxxx, Selangor

#3 Foo Sheau Wen, 940506-14-xxxx, Kuala Lumpur

#4 Jia Hwei Cheong *kindly email us your contact details for ticket collection*

#5 Monica Yapp, 920227-12-xxxx, Kuala Lumpur

#6 Foo Sheau Li, 940506-14-xxxx, Kuala Lumpur
*Attention to winners: Please check your email for ticket collection info. The ticket has to be collected at Stadium Negara on the event day itself.*

Congratulations to the winners above for winning yourself a ticket worth RM 303 and Elosoul would also like to thank to those who have participated in the contest on Elosoul's Facebook page. Without your warm and strong support for Elosoul, we wouldn't be able to successfully kick off the JYJ contest on Facebook. So once again, a huge big KAMSAHAMNIDA to all of you!

On another note, because we love you so much, we've decided to give out another 2 free tickets worth RM 303 each to catch the boys live in Malaysia this Sunday. We'll be giving out the tickets via Twitter tonight through our last minute JYJ Twitest that is happening tonight.

Elosoul X JYJ Twitest
All you need to do in order for you to join, make sure you have a Twitter account. If you don't, what are you waiting for, go create an account now!

Date:15 October 2010 (Friday, today!)
Time: 7.00 P.M. - 7.30 P.M.

Good Luck folks!


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