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JYJ "The Beginning" Press Conference in Malaysia 2010

L-R Junsu , Jaejoong, Yoochun

JYJ hold a press conference prior to their 'New Album Showcase Tour Live in Malaysia 2010' which took place after the showcase. The press conference was held at Double Tree by Hilton in Ampang Park, KL on October 17, 2010. JYJ consists of three members namely Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu who were originally from DBSK aka TVXQ. Read the full scoop in full post!

Earlier in the afternoon, the boys had their global album showcase "The Beginning" at Stadium Negara which gathered about 4,000 fans which includes both local and foreign fans. After the showcase ended, they headed to Double Tree Hotel in Ampang Park ,KL for a press conference.

The moment when the three members of JYJ stepped onto the stage, the press were busying clicking off their cameras with flashes to get great shots of them.

 Media briefing by Serena C. before the press conference starts

A Q&A session was conducted and the boys were interviewed by the lovely Serena C. who also hosted the showcase earlier that day.

Here's a brief interview with the boys!

What the best thing you loved about Malaysian fans?

Junsu: Yes, I appreciated all fans that came to the showcase today. I believe that Malaysian fans are naïve and innocent although it’s been a while and we couldn’t come as much as possible.
In other words, Malaysian fans are the best!

Each of you have participated for the album ie; Jaejoong (Still In Love), Yoochun (I Love You), and Junsu (I Can Soar). Are these based on your personal experiences?

Jaejoong: For me, it’s not based on my personal experience.
Yoochun : Well, it’s not from my personal experience too.
Junsu : Yes, it is partially from my personal experience recently on how I feel and what I feel.

What is the message you want convey to your fans through your new album ?

Yoochun :The title of this album reflects that we want to share more with the fans of what they deserved through this album.

Malaysia has a variety of beautiful places to visit especially the beaches. Have you ever thought of coming to Malaysia for a photoshoot?

Junsu : Yes ,We would love to come back to Malaysia specially for a photoshoot with my favourite tree , the coconut tree . Hopefully, we would like to come back here not just for work but a holiday with the members.

What influences your style and sense of dressing?

Jaejoong: We like to wear what is comfortable and suit us rather than following the trend We are also grateful to the fans who like and follow our fashion .

This is your first English album. For Junsu and Jaejoong, do you guys feel comfortable singing in English and did Yoochun help with the English?

Junsu : Yes , it was very difficult for us and all their stuff were actually English spoken so it was pretty though for us . However , Yoochun helped us a lot with the pronunciations and communications.

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jyj,malaysia,the beginning
JYJ posing with the CEO of Daorae

As you know, the Malaysian English always ends with the word '-lah' after each sentence like 'I Love You -lah'.Serena C taught the boys to say "Saya Cinta Padamu" which means 'I Love You' in the Malay language.

Watch the clip below to see what they have to say!

They promised to come back to Malaysia for their Worldwide concert around June/July 2011 season. As for now, they are set to embark their Worldwide concert starting off with Seoul on November 27 and November 28, 2010.

After the press conference, the boys had a photo taking session with the fans who purchased the VIP tickets. The boys flew back to Korea on the same day right after the photo taking session with the fans ended as their schedule was tight.

They will continue to tour across Asia and the US till November for their worlwide showcase.

Proceeds from their world tour will be donated to worldwide non-governmental organization World Vision to help children around the world to fight poverty.

Press Conference Photos

jyj,malaysia,the beginningjyj,malaysia,the beginningjyj,malaysia,the beginningjyj,malaysia,the beginning
jyj,the beginningjyj,malaysia,the beginningjyj,malaysia,the beginning
jyj,malaysia,the beginningjyj,malaysia,the beginningjyj,malaysia,the beginning

Written by : Nessa
Photos taken by: Crystal Keiz

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