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OFFICIAL NEWS: Elosoul Online got HACKED!


We apologize for any inconvenience caused from our default ELOSOUL's URL that is www.elosoulonline.com. Our server that host the site was hacked and we had no choice but to change our server. Please do not log in to elosoulonline.com, however our main website has changed to www.elosoulonline.net. We also want to apologize for those, new visitors who entered our site via the URL on our gift cards + goodies distributed at JYJ event last Sunday. We didn't know our site was being hacked at that time, just got the bad news few hours ago.

Nonetheless, please bear with us as we'll try to keep on updating our site with KPOP news, fashion, music and etc for all of you and please continue to support us at this time especially. As much as we loved elosoulonline.com before and after it was hacked, we hope that the small change of the .com to .net will still be able to garner more hearts from all you loyal and new readers of ELOSOUL.

PS: the.COM will direct you to some adult website, elosoulonline has got nothing to do with that site. Please do not go to that site because it is a virus site!


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