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Thanks to our partner M.E, here's another exclusive interview with TOUCH the newest korean boyband.

TOUCH is a new idol group who recently made their debut on October 21st 2010 with “”. The group’s Youtube videos have exceeded 100,000 in views and even had their music video rank in the top 10 on music video charts. The group TOUCH itself was created with the purpose of becoming the dream team of Asia. Their song is produced by the famous Brave Brothers, their choreographer is a member of dance team DQ, and their photographer holds background experience with SS501 and KARA.The group was invited to a large-scale event in Macau last July and performed before a 15,000 member audience alongside Chinese stars Wang Leehom, Alan Tam, and Twins.

M.E had the chance to interview TOUCH and decided to open up the opportunities for their fans to submit their questions as well as share the interview with us.

Before getting to the answers for the questions, get a look at the charisma members first.


M.E : Please introduce yourself in 5 words (example: singer, intelligent, witty, cute, smart)

TOUCH : The Original Undeniable Charismatic Homme ! (It’s 5 words! :p)

M.E : If you are not an Idol right now, what do you think you will be doing?

Han Jun : I will still be practicing to became idol and studying music writing at the same time as I really loves music.

Sun Woong : I will most probably become an actor.

Min Suk : I think I will just be a normal university student.

Jun Yong : I might be a soldier in the army (service) right now. Protecting the country ~

Sung Yong : Still working as a model.

Da Bin : I might be working at various part-time jobs and gain lots of worldly experience

Yung Hoon : Like Min Suk, I think I will be a normal university student if I am not an idol right now.

M.E : What do you think you will be doing after 10 years? Will you still be in the industry or doing other things?

Han Jun : 10 years from now, I will still be working in entertainment line.

Sun Woong : I’m going to have my own family and be a father.

Min Suk : I hope I will be managing a café.

Jun Yong : I will still be singing music that I like on stage.

Sung Yong : I will be an actor.

Da Bin : I will operate internet shopping mall and be an entrepreneur.

Yung Hoon : I will be doing stock investment and make money ~ ^^

M.E : Do you all have any other random talents? (ex: sports, cooking, knitting, public speaking, etc.)

Han Jun : I can play guitar, write music, write lyrics.

Sun Woong : I can wash laundry by hand (rare talent ㅋㅋㅋ) and I’m very good at taking pictures.

Min Suk : I’m a ‘human alarm’, I am very skilled at waking up people. I’m also very good at styling my hair!

Jun Yong : I’m awesome at vocal mimicry.

Sung Yong : Very good in exercising, dexterity (doing things with my hands/manually) & drawing.

Da Bin : I can last a long time submerge in water without breathing and I can also drink a lot of water at one shot /
without stopping. It’s all water related!~

Yung Hoon : I can touch any animals (even scary ones, beast animals etc) without fear and I can have conversation with animal (at the moment only cows ^^).

M.E : Tell us your most memorable childhood memory.

Yung Hoon : I caught a mole when I was small and raise it at home as a pet.

Da Bin : I was sent to the police station for being naked during middle school graduation ceremony hahahaha! (it was a looong story)

Sung Yong : I went out with friends to steal sweet potatoes :p

Jun Yong : I was playing with pigeons when I was small and then they attacked me! (bite me on the head). After that I had fear of pigeons till now.

Min Suk : I accidentally won a dance competition.

Sun Woong : I traveled without money with my friends..It was really adventurous and a good memory.

Han Jun : I won a Dance Battle in San Francisco against a skillful/talented African-American street dancer.

M.E : If TOUCH can decide on their own variety show, what concept it will be ?

TOUCH : We wish to have a reality style documentary concept for and experience various occupations and perhaps a
chance to showcase our singing?

M.E : If you could be someone for one day (24 hrs), who would you be and why?

Han Jun : John Mayer, he is like a mentor to me and I want to experience his life.

Sun Woong : I want be a CEO of a major and extremely famous company like APPLE.

Jun Yong : Stevie Wonder, I want to experience my idol’s musical life.

Min Suk : I want be a fan of TOUCH. I curious of how it feels like :D

Sung Yong : Kimura Takuya, I wish to experience his whole life and experiences.

Da Bin : Rain, I want to be Korea’s most famous singer like him and I want to know how it feels like.

Yung Hoon : My father. I want to get inside that mind of his who has a rascal son like me, hahahha.

M.E : Do you like being idols? Is there something you'd rather do or you feel like you would be happier doing?

TOUCH : We have a lot of happiness. We are happy with our fan’s passionate love and support towards us and we love singing on the stage.

M.E : Is there any memorable gift from fans or any memorable fans so far?

Han Jun : I receive a handmade scarf that took a lot of effort to do from a fan.

Sun Woong : One fan sent me some snack from overseas that we can’t get in Korea.

Min Suk : I remember one fan who was waiting for me at the hair saloon in the early morning.

Jun Yong : One fan gave me a 2% calcium beverage and she told me she will continue to give from 2% become 100%.

Sung Yong : I remember one fan who was waiting for me in the cold for the whole day.

Da Bin : I remember one fan who punch me (playful punch ^^ not serious) every time we meet each other.

Yung Hoon : I remember receiving birthday presents from overseas fans.

M.E : If you could live in any country, which country it will be and why

Han Jun : Canada. Canada is like my second hometown because I spent my childhood there.

Sun Woong : Korea. Korea is a country full of affection because I can get tea even when I go to hair salon.

Min Suk : Japan, because Japan has diversity of music and fashion.

Sung Yong : England, because England is country of soccer and gentlemen.

Da Bin : Japan, because I want to live in country that is like a fashion heaven..

Jun Yong : Philippines, because it’s such a friendly country and I loves that feeling.

Yung Hoon : Australia, I like nature and the environment there.

M.E : What are your favorite games to play (either manual or video)?

TOUCH : We loves playing sport the most (example: soccer, basketball, etc)

M.E : If you could only eat one dish for the rest of your life what would you choose?

Jun Yong : Egg

Min Suk : Noodle

Yung Hoon : Jerky

Sun Woong : Raw Fish

Han Jun : Fried Rice

Sung Yong : (I thought quite seriously) I can’t chose just one because I have a lot.

Da Bin : Guk Bap (boiled rice served in soup)

M.E : What do you do in your spare time?

Han Jun : Play guitar.

Sun Woong : Read a book.

Da Bin : Internet shopping! $$$

Yung Hoon : Weight training. I try my best to take care of my body.

Min Suk : Read a magazine.

Sung Yong : Sleeping. We hardly have the time nowadays so I will sleep. Zzzzz

Jun Yong : Listen to music

M.E : Are you currently dorming together? What does TOUCH’s dorm look like? Is it messy or clean?

TOUCH : Yes we live together. Our dorm is clean ^^ we have separated work schedule at home like washing the dishes, doing laundry etc among each other so it’s always clean.

M.E : What were the challenges of becoming a boy group?

TOUCH : On average, we only sleep for 4 hours (or less) daily and we have to practice dancing and singing every day. It was hard because we couldn’t sleep but we persevere for our debut.

M.E : Are there any favorite memories you have of training for your debut? Or a particularly interesting or funny story from that time?

TOUCH : Our youngest member Da Bin actually had a neck injury two days before our debut. Our chief told our leader that he’s going to cancel our debut if anyone can’t show perfect stage so we were really nervous. Luckily, Da Bin had recovered quickly so we had our debut stage together.

M.E : Have any of you ever thought to take a more active hand in your music, such as participating in the song or dance production more?

TOUCH : This time we don’t have any chance to do that yet but next time our leader will make song together though.

M.E : Which artist (local or international) that each member of TOUCH wishes to collaborate with?

Han Jun : John Mayer

Sung Yong : Kimura Takuya

Yung Hoon : Na Eul (나얼)

Min Suk : Seo Tai Ji & Supreme team

Da Bin : 4Men

Jun Yong : Musiq Soulchild

Sun Woong : Javiar

M.E : What were your first thoughts when you were given the song and concept of your debut song ‘’?

TOUCH : We couldn’t believe that we receive our debut song from famous producer “Brave Brothers”. We were very flattered and excited!

M.E : What concept would you like do next?

TOUCH : Concept of unexpected attraction? The concept will be a surprise but attractive.

M.E : Looking back regarding your debut, is there anything that you wish that you could have done better?

TOUCH : We wish we have more eye contact and expressions that is like a professional and enjoy the whole stage and experience it more (as we get to debut only once in our life).

M.E : Do you have any plans to promote overseas (in Malaysia perhaps)?

TOUCH : Yes, definitely! We hope to travel the world including Malaysia and show our irresistible attraction, performances and music to the fans.


* NOTE : The questions was asked by the fans via M.E Malaysia's facebook and email. It have been selected, edited,combined,rephrased (etc) by M.E Malaysia for the interview.

Last but not least, here's a video of TOUCH sending their greetings to Malaysia fans.

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