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Digi Live Kpop Party 2011 Press Conference + Interview

4MINUTE,G.NA and BEAST pose at the press conference for 'Digi Live Kpop Party 2011'

Cube Entertainment artists BEAST, 4MINUTE and G.NA were in Malaysia since Wednesday prior to 'Digi Live Kpop Party 2011' which took place on Thursday (January 13) at Stadium Negara, KL. Earlier the day, they attended the press conference for the event which was held at KL Hilton Hotel at 1PM. Read on more for the full scoop and interview!

During the press conference, the stars chatted with the press and shares their experience about visiting Malaysia and how they adapt with the humid weather here.This will be BEAST's second visit to Malaysia but it is 4MINUTE and G.NA's first time visiting here. Last year, the beastly boys were here in Malaysia for a showcase 'Shock of The New Era' prior to their 2nd mini album promotions which took place on June 26th, 2010 at KL Live.

The press conference kicked off with a welcome remarks by the emcee of the day , Royce Tan followed by speeches of DiGi: Head of Segment Marketing , Moharmustaqeem Mohammed and Universal Music Malaysia : General Manager , Loan Cheong.

L-R: DiGi: Head of Segment Marketing , Moharmustaqeem Mohammed and 
Universal Music Malaysia : General Manager , Loan Cheong

They apologized for not having BEAST to perform as a complete 6-member group as planned. BEAST's Ki Kwang couldn't make it to the concert due to his last minute conflicting schedules which forces him to stay back in Korea for a drama filming.

G.NA poses for the photographers

First up for interview is G.NA. The emcee asked her on how she feels on her first visit to Malaysia and she said she is feeling quite nervous and excited at the same time.Further on ,the emcee asked about how did the preparations and rehearsals for the concert went through. She answered most of the Cube artists are sick right now but because of the enthusiastic fans here they keep on reminding themselves they are not that sick.G.NA also responded although there were technical difficulties, but everything manage to pull through smoothly.G.NA also talked about working with Rain and how he helped her a lot for their duet single titled 'What I Want To Do Once I Have A Lover' which released last year.

The next question asked is whether G.NA can adapt to the Malaysian weather where back in Korea is really cold right now. She said the weather in Malaysia is really hot more than expected  but getting used to the humid weather is not that bad as she was in Singapore last month.When asked about her upcoming plans, she answered that she want to keep focus on her album as this is her first full-length album , do more concerts not only in Korea but also here in Malaysia and other places as well, get her name known and branching off into different things such as acting and etc.

She is so thankful and touched by the people here that had been supporting her.She had no idea that she had been received this much love here in Malaysia because most of her activities involved is held within Korea.She can feel the love and support of the fans here as they know her songs and Korean isn't their first language as well. Once again, she thanked the fans again for making her feel great with more confidence for her to show a better side of G.NA on her comeback.

L-R : Hyun Ah, So Hyun, Ji Yoon, Ga Yoon and Ji Hyun

Next up to step on stage for an interview was pop quintet , 4MINUTE. They greeted the press in Malay with words 'Kami 4MINUTE'. 'Apa khabar?' which translated 'We are 4MINUTE' . 'How are you?' and then introduced themselves. The emcee first asked them on hows their preparation for the concert.They answered that it's their first time in Malaysia so they are feeling a little bit uneasy but with the rehearsals they have done they can put on a great show.The emcee later on posted the same question to 4 MINUTE on how they cope with the hot weather here.They thought that they couldn't adapt the hot weather here in a soon time but they could faster than they thought.On the feeling about the concert , they answered that they are not so nervous because they have rehearsed a lot as well as they have the members by their side.

Here's the Q&A session from the media below!

Q:Ji Hyun in the group has participated in a drama . Does the other members plan to venture into acting?
A:We are into many preparations right now although we are expecting for more schedules in the future.  But, right now what we want to do is for the best.

Q: If you are about to venture into acting, what kind of roles you want to play?
Ji Hyun : The idea of playing the role as a villain is not bad as I haven't tried it before.
Ga Yoon : I'm considering acting the role of a rich man daughter. If any of the management interested, just give me a call.
Ji Yoon : For me, I would like to participate in action movies.
So Hyun : I’m still a student right now so I don’t mind acting as a student.
Hyun Ah: My personality is fun and happy and if you ask me to do any act I would not mind to do it.I will do my best.

Q: How do you guys arrange your schedules?
A: As for the schedules, it is managed by our manager. We will be releasing our new album next month as we are busy in preparations for its release.So, please love the album a lot once it released.

Q: Is there anything you want to say to your Malaysia fans?
A: We hope we could have more activities in Malaysia in the future. Please watch over us and love us a lot.

L-R: Jun Hyung, Dong Woon, Yo Seob, Hyun Seung and Doo Joon

Last but not least, up for interview is BEAST. Each of them introduced themselves in Korean.BEAST said that they have always keep a good memory of Malaysia as the fans and reporters were always following them while they were in Malaysia.The emcee posted a question on what is the most memorable experience for them in Malaysia from their last visit. They answered their most memorable experience for them will be the Twin towers which they really like it a lot. When asked about what fans can expect for their performance at the concert , they answered their passion and energy for their music as well as impressing the crowd.

Here's the Q&A session from the media below!

Q: You will be holding your encore concert on February 18th in Korea. Would there be any difference to your first concert?
A: This concert will be different as it is our encore concert. We will work hard together to put on a better and perfect show than the last time.

Q: According to the officials, your encore concert tickets were sold out in a short time. How do you feel about that?
A: Fans who couldn’t come for our first concert contributed a huge part in sales for our encore concert. We hope we can show a more improved BEAST to the fans.

Q: Aside from seeing BEAST as a group, do the other members hang out together when you are not working?
A: Yes, we do hang out together as we live together since our debut days. So, whenever we are free, we are always together.

Q: Any last words for your Malaysia fans?
A: We always thanked you fans for the warm welcomed. For the concert tonight, we will show our best and leave good memories in Malaysia. So, please watch over us and love us a lot.

More Photos of the Pres Conference below!


Photos by: Crystal Keiz
Written by: Nessa
Source+ Credits: ElosoulOnline

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