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Kungfu with Styles


Showcasing the unmistakably WingChun martial arts postures and with tacit
understanding, Dennis To and Rose Chan appeared on stage as the
spokespersons for Jaguar watch in stylish expressions for charitable cause!

The charity dinner rolled out in full regalia as Jaguar collaborated with
Von Jolly and presented in great style highlighting the colorful Batik
Culture unique only to Malaysia. The prelude to the high-profile event saw
the arrival of local artistes William San , Yeo Yann Yann, Athena Beh, Dave ,
Sabhi Saddi, Marsha Londoh, Leslie Chai,
and emcee Mandy in posh sports
cars. Stealing the limelight were none other than Dennis and Rose, who
arrived at the main entrance in chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce and were
greeted by dazzling flashlights.


The charity dinner came as an extension of the Charity Carnival campaign
held last November in aid of Persatuan Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Klang

Heartthrob Danny and belle Rose were without doubt the focus of the gala
night. While Dennis was in Chinese tunic suit with batik neckerchief , Rose
was in batik miniskirt, both wearing Jaguar Swiss Made watches as they took
to the stage. The duo went on to deliver an elegant showdown to demonstrate
the ultimate spirit of the big brand under the state-of-the-art melodious

It goes without saying that the two spokespersons gave Jaguar the thumbs up
on the versatile functionalities and exclusive looks of the timepieces.
“Even though I perspire profusely during my regular martial arts practices,
my watch never gets decolorized but always looks as good as new,” stressed
Rose. “The Jaguar watch of mine features the non-slip attribute, which gives
me peace of mind whenever I work on my martial arts routines,” added Dennis.
The message was driven home as the duo showcased the unmistakably Yongchun
martial arts postures with tacit understanding and stylish expressions.

Local guitarist-cum-vocalist Dave and Malaysian songbird-cum-songwriter
Athena Beh had the audience mesmerized with their popular numbers *Song of
the Learners*, *The Lonesome 881*,* Apology*,* *and *Hero*
. Apart from
reciprocating the superb performances with round after round of applause,
the audience was also visibly moved by *The Warmest Touch from Your Hands*,
the theme song that melted the hearts of all paying tribute to Malaysia.


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