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'The Way of Bluelove' Charity Project

To all fellow Boices (CNBLUE fans),

CN BLUESTORM an international fan base website for BOICE (CNBLUE fans) will be celebrating their 1st Anniversary on March 12th , 2011.To commemorate their 1st Anniversary, they have organised a charity project entitled 'The Way of Bluelove' which is aimed to build a house for the needy in the Philippines. The groundbreaking operation has started a few weeks ago but they are seeking more funds for the project to be completed with a target amount of USD 2850.

Read more for more info on how to support  the charity project!

The house built will be called BLUEHOUSE, under CN BLUE name. CNBLUESTORM, with the help of Gawad Kalinga in the Philippines is building the house. At the moment , they are still behind the targeted amount so we need your help by donating to support the charity project.

For those who donate for the project, you might stand a chance to win CNBLUE goodies. More info about it, click here.


For Malaysians who wish to donate, you can do so in one of two ways:

1. Pay Pal (If you have a Paypal account)

2. Donate through Fizzy Hassan (If you do not have a Paypal account)
She's is the Malaysia admin and also one of the Editors in CNBLUESTORM who is in charge of managing the funds for Malaysia.You can contact her via email at cnbjonghyun@gmail.com. Once the donation is closed (12th March), she will transfer the money to CN BLUESTORM Philippines admins.

DEADLINE: March 12, 2011

So, what are you waiting for? Start donating now! A dollar a day will make a huge difference!

If you have more queries on the project, snail a mail to Fizzy Hassan at cnbjonghyun@gmail.com or simply  log onto CNBLUESTORM page.


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