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Super Junior Super Show 3 in Malaysia 2011


Super Junior rocked out Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil on Saturday (March 19) with a spectacular and yet intriguing performance throughout their whooping three-hour concert .The concert was organised by Running Into The Sun, a subsidiary of Fly Entertainment Pte Ltd .Last week, they were in Taiwan as part of their Super Show 3 leg tour which held for 3 days and the concert was sold out which once again prove the boys popularity. Read on more for the full coverage and pics!

One of the highlights of the concert was the stage set-up which gave breath-taking views to the audiences as well as the fireworks effect not forgetting their catchy tunes and slick dance moves.Throughout the show, we witnessed different stages from the group as well as a solo performance of each members and sub-group performance.Super Junior who is known for their fan service interacted with the audiences ie, taking selca's with the fans and tossed autographed soft toy balls to the crowd.


As the show was about to start, the whole venue slowly ignited into a sea of sapphire blue which is the band's fanclub official colour and fans began their fan chants to show their support.


The show officially kicked off  at 7PM as they belted out the remix version of their hit song 'Sorry Sorry' followed by 'Super Girl' and 'Don't Don' featuring Trax's Jungmo as the special guest performer.


After performing five songs straight, Super Junior officially introduced themselves clad in various costumes with descriptions of each members through a trailer video played on the big screen.Leeteuk commented that it has been a long time since they came to Malaysia for their Super Show 2 concert and thanked the fans for all of their warm greetings.Eunhyuk added that they had prepared a great performance tonight and told the fans to look forward to it.

Next, it was time for their solo performances ie, Ryeowook 'One Fine Day' , Kyuhyun “New Endless Love", Donghae & Eunhyuk 'I Wanna Love You', Leeteuk with Wang Lee Hom's 'Kiss Goodbye' , Shiwon 'Looking for the Day'  Henry with his own rendition of Justin Bieber's 'Baby' , Sungmin 'If You Leave 'and Zhoumi 'Miss Chic'.

Yesung took the stage with his solo performance of 'It Has To Be You' and got fans to sing along with him throughout the performance. He thanked the fans for knowing the lyrics to the song. Fans got a treat as they get to watch Super Junior M strutting off their new track 'Too Perfect' from their newest album.


At the encore performance, Super Junior emerged back on stage in cute vegetable mascot costumes with 'Cooking Cooking' which they later took it off and followed up with 'Way For Love'.They concluded their three-hour concert with 'Wonder Boy' and thanked the fans for showing much love and support to them.On top of that, the members also sang Eunhyuk an early birthday song.

Leeteuk said that they are in a midst of preparing for their 5th album and they will be coming back to Malaysia for Super Show 4.Before leaving the stage, Donghae began to sing BOB's Nothing on You and soon after Eunhyuk, Yesung and Henry followed suit and started goofing around.Once again, they thanked the fans for supporting them and left the stage.

Super Junior performed a total of 34 tracks and got the fans to scream their lungs out throughout the three hours concert.

Set List

1.   Sorry Sorry (Remix Version)
2.   Super Girl
3.   Don't Don
4.   No other
5.   Confession
6.   Good Person
7.   Rokkugo (Super Junior T)
8.   One Fine Spring Day (Ryeowook's solo + Sungmin, guitar)
9.   New Endless Love (Kyuhyun' solo)
10. I Wanna Love You (Donghae + Eunhyuk)
11. Kiss Goodbye (Leeteuk's solo)
12. Looking for the Day (Shiwon's solo)
13. Baby (Henry's Solo)
14. If you leave (Sungmin's solo)
15. Intro + Down
16. Tok Tok Tok (Super Junior -T + Donghae)
17. You and I
18. Song for You
19. Miss Chic (Zhoumi's solo)
20. Shake it Up
21. Twins
22. In My Dream
23. Hate U
24. Rinaldo
25. All me Heart
26. It has to be you (Yesung's Solo)
27. Too Perfect (Super Junior M)
29. A man in Love
30. U
31. Dancing Out (Rock. Version)
32. Cooking Cooking
33. Way for Love
34. Wonder Boy

More Concert Photos of SS3


Written by : Nessa
Photos by : Crystal Keiz

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