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Watson's 'Kiss Me' Product Launch Event

Not long ago, Mandom Malaysia together with Watson Malaysia have collaborated with one of Japan's cosmetic brand "Kiss Me" which is under Isehan Company Limited for a product launch event.

With much enthusiasm, Kiss Me introduces a fabulous series of cosmetics products to the mass which finally hit the shelves of Watson Malaysia.

The Kiss Me product launch in collaboration with Watsons is an exciting event as it is the first and foremost official announcement to the public about this astonishing series of cosmetics products.


The “Kiss Me” series offer a range of products to present a complete and perfect make-up. Nevertheless, a fairly big segment of the products are being emphasized on the eyes. The eye liners and mascaras of “Kiss Me Heroine Make Series” and “Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Series” are the remarkable highlights where the results after application are miraculous. Not forgetting the important cosmetics to give your face a flawless finish, “Kiss Me” also offers effective make-up base to eliminate visible pores and translucent face powder for an attractively textured appearance.On top of that, the back to basic items – sunscreens have never been missed out. The “Kiss Me Sunkiller Series” provides a wide variety of sunscreens for any situation from everyday UV rays to intense UV rays.



On the day of the "Kiss Me media launch" , one of the renowned make-up artist from Japan, Igarashi San  did a make up demonstration on the model using "Kiss Me" product.



Introducing "Komachi Beni"

What is “Komachi Beni” ?
Japanese Red is “BENI”, “BENI” is the natural red pigment that can be obtained from BENI BANA(safflower),but only in such a small amount. Since ancient times, “BENI” painted within sake cups or small plates has habitually been used as rouge in Japan.
“KOMACHI BENI” is the traditional Japanese rouge with such treasured “BENI”. When slightly put on lips, they will delicately turn pink, and when applied additional coats, they will turn red…you can enjoy many types of color with one “BENI”.
As the symbol of beauty and wisdom of Japanese culture, this graceful and distinguished bright color of “BENI” is surely and truly the traditional Japanese RED.

How to use “KOMACHI BENI”?
1. Soak the lip brush or fingertips with a good amount of water and dissolve BENI well before use, The color changes depending on the amount of water.
2. If you wish to make it deep red, please apply additional coat.

Now you can win yourself a Komanchi Beni worth RM800 from "Kiss Me" facebook page. Here is how you can win yourself this limited edition Komanchi Beni. First snap a picture of any of the Kiss Me products and write what you like about the products and upload it to Kiss Me Facebook. You will stand a chance to win the following prizes


•Grand prize : 1 x Win a Limited Edition “Komachi Beni” Set worth RM800 & extra 10,000 Watsons Member Points
•Consolations : 3 x Win a Limited Edition “Komachi Beni” Set Worth RM600 each & extra 5,000 Watsons Member Points

**Contest end on 25th Mar 2011

Check out "Kiss Me" facebook page now for more information. You can get yourself a "Kiss Me" product in major watsons outlet now.


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