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Twin Towers @ Live 2011 Coverage

Two-day free concert rocked Malaysians on 8th & 9th this month, thanks to Jojo Events Sdn Bhd & also other sponsors. Three local artistes and two international artistes had performed on Friday, they are Yuna, The Azenders & Bunkface from Malaysia, with Wonder Girls from Korea & Hoobastank from US.


Yuna was the first to perform. She came out with an electrical guitar with her unique look. She is singer-songwriter from Kedah, you'll never deny her talent. Next artiste on the row - The Azenders. A brand new band in town with Sam (vocal), Kudu (drum), Izal (bass) and Ajam (synth) in a group of 4. They performed their new single - 'Ladies and Gentlemen'. I find it pretty good. If you think you see something familiar, I suppose your visions are not bad. Yes, the lead singer of The Azenders & Bunkface is the same


Guess what, Bunkface was the third performer. Their high reputation songs - 'Revolusi '& 'Situasi' were performed on the day itself too. I was expecting 'Through My Window' from them but end up they are in love with Katy Perry and sang one of her song - 'Teenage Dream.' Unexpected thing do appear.


Craving for the only 5 girl-group from Korea? Here you go. Sunye, Yubin, Sohee, YeEun and Hyerim from Wonder Girls came to Malaysia once again. Although they are one that got confirmed by the organizer last minute, they still performed 8 songs in total. From their debut song 'Tell Me' to the latest '2 Different Tears' were shown flawlessly on stage.


Last but not least, the band from US - Hoobastank. Doug Robb the vocalist and his band gave us some great collection of their songs. To be honest, I'm not familiar with the songs but heck, they are awesome!

More photos of the concert below !


Photos by : Alex Lim


She has been a fan for K-POP for quite some time and enjoys blobbing anything about K-POP and events.


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