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W.W.S.W – G-Dragon

As GD&TOP has ended their promotions, let’s do a guy version of W.W.S.W. I had always love GD’s style as he’s more experimental than the rest of Big Bang. He’s style is more colourful and more playful. I did a reference of the outfit that GD performed on the eve of New Year’s 2010 with his label mates, TOP and 2NE1 at MBC Gayo Daejun.

The twosome was dressed in custom-made suits from Instantology and GD was seen wearing the Galaxy Printed Two Button Suit. The suit was perfect for him as when they were doing their promotions as GD&TOP, they were wearing printed suits and playful outfits. So, when you see galaxy prints, what do you think of? No, not aliens but CHRISTOPHER KANE. The innovative print was seen on celebrities and all over the web as it was seen on the designer’s Resort 11’ runways.


As you can see the print is almost similar to GD’s suit and the leather at the bust makes the dress edgier as you might not want to be covered from head to toe with prints, however if you’re GD, then you can rock anything. Of course, not forgetting the infamous fur hat that GD has been sporting ever since the GD&TOP’s promotion and the aviator shades. Lastly, pair up with a nude colour platform heels and you’re ready to HIGH HIGH all night long.

Well, for the frugal fashionistas out there, this is a tough one to re-create. The clothes that I used are all from TOPSHOP so there’s no need to panic. However, the theme is still there but it is more casual so that you can wear this out while going out for a coffee with a couple of friends.


This set is more the inner rocker of GD with a lot of leather and black. The accessories that I chose have interesting textures and material that are used so it gives a twist to the previous set of outfit. So, head down to the nearest TOPSHOP store and get these clothes. Be inspired to be the inner GD that you can rock down the streets with all these awesome clothes.


Written by: Ida Su


She has been a fan for K-POP for quite some time and enjoys blobbing anything about K-POP and events.


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