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Halo! YG Day - Pre-Party for Malaysian Blackjacks and VIPs

Good news for all Malaysian VIPs and Blackjacks!!! Let's celebrate the arrival of YG Entertainment and the ever loved YG Family to our beloved country~ Keep your calender posted because it's going to be a major party going on.

There's a rumor that Big Bang is coming down to Malaysia next month and since Se7en has already step his foot in Malaysia, there's a good chance KL maybe raided with some YG storm!!! 

Halo! YG Day (a collaboration with Halo Music Malaysia and YG Entertainment) is an event to celebrate the official arrival of YG Entertainment coming into Malaysia and KNUKEast, the official organizers, are holding an ice breaker party for fans and YG Family to get together for a day fill with fun, entertainment and great prizes to be won!!! All happening on June 25th, 2011~ More details coming soon~

Visit Halo Music Facebook Page or follow Halo Music Twitter for latest info on the event.
Keep your calender free because we from Big21 Fashion Evolution are ready to party with fellow Malaysian VIPs and Blackjacks and we want you to come join us as well!!!

Credits to KNUKEast and Halo Music Malaysia


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