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YG Entertainment releases teasers for 2NE1 "Lonely"!

So far, 3 different teasers featuring CL, Minzy and Dara has been released. The teaser for Bom should be released any day now. In the meantime, check out the teasers below.

1. CL

CL is known for her powerful rapping. (Note: The Leaders, Go Away and many more) Her singing skills does not fall behind either. I thought she sounded amazing when she sang It Hurts. This teaser has brought her singing to a whole new level. It's amazing.

2. Minzy
Other than being a great dancer, Minzy, is a wonderful singer as well. She sounded really mature in the teaser and I'm anticipating her the most. She has grown alot ever since her debut.

3. Dara
>Dara is the visual of 2NE1. Listening to the teaser, Dara has improved on her vocals. And I am anticipating her the most.

4. Bom - Has yet to be released!

2NE1's next song will be released June 2nd and their mini-album will be released June 23rd.


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