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The 5 boys of beastly charisma have made a comeback with, 'Fiction' in which they released a MV with Speedy Scandal actress, Park Bo Young. The boys looked charismatic and sexy with their dark-palette styling. The boys were dressed mostly in leather from head to toe which would have to be a challenge to wear in this sweltering heat that might give you a heat stroke. So, I made some adjustments as to how can we wear leather appropriately in this sweltering heat. As for the first set, it’s more of the BEAST in you to unleash and try to do the sexy dance moves.


Top – The Row

Vest – Balenciaga

Pants – Burberry Prorsum

Boots – KORS Michael Kors
Necklace – Aurelie Bidermann
Bracelets – Jane Norman


You might bust your wallet with this outfit, so, TOPSHOP might help tighten your wallet a bit. This outfit is appropriate for the heat as it’s being paired with leather shorts that aren’t as warm as leather jacket. It’s a good substitute for a leather jacket and make sure that 1 of the piece is leather so as to look appropriate for the weather. The spiked necklace adds an edge to this outfit and the boots just makes it more BEAST-like. So, girls, get inspired and try out these tips.

By Ida Su


She has been a fan for K-POP for quite some time and enjoys blobbing anything about K-POP and events.


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