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BEAST 1st Asia Tour FanMeet in Malaysia 2011

South Korean boyband, BEAST officially kicked off their first Asia Tour with Malaysia as the first leg of the tour. Jointly organised by Singapore's FlyerVision and local well known organiser , Star Planet  the fanmeet took place at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach on 1st of July at 8.30PM.


Due to their tight schedule, the boys reached the Malaysian shores on the event day itself at 5am in LCCT. A group of fans went to welcome them in the airport. One of the member, Kikwang who was busy with his fliming in Korea took the the later flight and reached about 4PM on the same day.

Although their trip to Malaysia was short and tiring, the boys maintained their professionalism by showcasing their charms and sunshine smile at the press con and fanmeet.

With Malaysia as the first stop of their tour, most of the Malaysian fans wouldn't want to miss this wonderful experience.Fans flocked as far from our neighboring country Singapore to as far from Korea and Japan just to see the boys live in action. There were even some die hard Korean fans who follow them all the way to Malaysia from Korea just to be on the same plane as the boys. South Korean broadcasting station, SBS even send their representative to follow BEAST whole Asia Tour capturing every single wonderful moment on video.


They performed a total of 8 songs from their previous to current album and had 'V.I.U' as their encore stage. Aside from their breathtaking performances, the organiser  prepared a game for 6 lucky fans to play with the members of BEAST. The winner for their Fiction & Fact dance competition, Progression even perform SHOCK in front of them. As member Dujun's birthday is on the 4th July, B2UTY(s) that attend the fanmeet sang birthday song in both Malay and Korean to him.

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