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W.W.S.W - After School Red

Well, its been a long time since the last W.W.S.W, so for this week, there is a 2 sub-units from After School where one is After School RED and After School BLUE.

Both of the groups have totally opposite ends of style which is interesting and their music too are different. After School RED has a sort of reggaeish and electronic beats while After School BLUE has a very cutesy and very poppy tone to it.

Their styles too, as for After School RED, they have a style which is a bit bohemian and gypsy flair with fringes, feathers and leopard prints while After School BLUE has a very feminine and cute image with a lot of ruffles, frills and apparently garter belts too.

So, first up is After School RED where they rocked it out with their single, 'Into The Night Sky' where, Park Kahi (박가희), Kim Jung Ah (김정아), Uee (유이) and Nana (나나) are in the same unit-group and their style is definitely sexy with the skin tight tops with shorts.


With that, i mixed it up a bit for us, Average Jane where we might have a little difficulty in rocking those uber sexy clothes. The 1st look is towards the modern and polished style of bohemian where the fringe knit jacket complimented the bohemian style while the clutch and shoe are the statement pieces.


Racer Tank - Cheap Monday
Fringed Knit Jacket - Tim Ryan
Skinny Jeans - Cheap Monday
Wedge Shoes - Sergio Rossi
Leather Cuff - Giles & Brother Cortina
Necklace - Isabel Marant
Sunglass - Christian Dior


Now, to keep your wallets secure from over-budget, we seek help from TOPSHOP. Now for the 2nd set, i approach a more feminine and yet with a hint of sexiness and innocence. The look is perfect for summer where the skirt and top makes the look breezy and refreshing at the same time. So, do drop in the comments section here or at Facebook and tell us what you want for the next W.W.S.W!


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