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2012 PLAY! FT ISLAND Concert in Malaysia Full Coverage

On January 14th, FT ISLAND successfully held their '2012 PLAY! Concert in Malaysia' at Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur. The 5-member band performed a whooping total of 23 tracks , including their hits tracks off their albums such as 'Love Pains', 'Bad Woman', 'Love Love Love', 'Hello Hello' and 'Like The Birds'. A day before the concert, lucky fans got their chance to meet the boys up-close and get their posters signed by the band on stage at the 'Meet the Fans' event.

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FT ISLAND greets the press at the Meet the Fans Event

FT ISLAND at press conference

On the same day of the concert itself, the press conference prior to the event took place at Double Tree Hilton, Kuala Lumpur.


The show kicked off with "I Hope","Bing Bing Bing" , "A Handsome Guy and a Beautiful Girl ", "Hello Hello" and after that they introduced themselves and greet the audience with a few Malay phrases. The band then rocked it all out with their Japan releases ie; "Life," ,"I Want", "Let it Go" and "Flower Rock" which got the crowd pumped out. With that, they headed off stage for an outfit change. While waiting for their next performance, a clip was being played on the huge screen showcasing each of the the band members interest.


Finally, the boys are back on stage again and this time it's an acoustic performance of  "Sunshine Girl" . Fans got a treat as all five of the members sang the song wholeheartedly. After performing nine tracks, its finally time to say goodbye as they concluded their final song. But, of course we knew that the concert has not ended yet as there is always an "Encore" at the end. Fans demanded for an encore and soon after the band emerged back on stage, clad in their official concert T-shirts.

They belted out  "Love Sick" , "Until You Return " and "Like The Birds " for the encore performance and the response from the crowd was amazing as it was the most awaited performance of the night. The track "Love Sick" is the band's debut song back in 2007. Before transitioning to their last track, FT ISLAND's drummer , Minhwan hoped that they could meet again with the Malaysian fans in near future. And the best part was he spoke everything in English.I really admired the band for making a good effort to speak in English although they are not too fluent in it as it is not their first language. Seunghyun, the bassist was rather playful imitated Minhwan after he finished his sentence.

Finally, they concluded the concert with "Like The Birds" and bid farewell to the fans which marked the end of the 2-hour long concert.


  1. I Hope
  2. Bing Bing Bing
  3. A Handsome Guy and a Beautiful Girl
  4. Hello Hello
  5. I Will Get You
  6. Love Love Love
  7. Life
  8. I Want
  9. Let it Go
  10. Flower Rock
  11. Sunshine Girl
  12. Confession
  13. Even you Tears
  14.  Bad Woman
  15. The Man in Shinsa-Dong
  16. Will Love All
  17. You're Smiling Like a Doll
  18. Don Quixote Song
  19. Troublemaker
  20. Primadonna
  21. Love Sick
  22. Until You Return
  23. Like The Birds

It's almost been 5 years since the band made their debut and we can see that they matured a lot in the sense of their styling, music and showmanship on stage. We hope to see more of the boys in Malaysia in near future!


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