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Boyfriend for GQ X PUMA in GQ Magazine April 2012 Issue


Boyfriend promotes PUMA shoes in a spread for GQ Magazine X Puma April issue. Two photos of the shoot have been released, dividing the group into 2 teams of three with different poses but similar concept.

In the first pic, Young Min, Hyun Seong and Dong Hyun (leader) showcased their boyish-look with dark solid coloured shorts and Puma shoes . Members, Hyun Seong (centre) and Dong Hyun (right) gave an illusion as if they were talking to each other while Young Min (left) gave a killer smile for the shoot .

While in the second photo, members Jeong Min, Min Woo and KwangMin showed off their charms with a dorky pose while posing with their shoes.Jeong Min who is on the left, held a Puma shoes near to his face and treat it as if it was a mobile phone.Maknae, Min Woo who is a fan of Mickey Mouse, placed both his Puma shoes on his head to create a silhouette  Mickey's ears. On the other hand, Kwang Min who is the younger twin of Young Min threw the shoe freely up in the air. Overall, they definitely pulled off the cheerful shoot with their flashy smile which is to die for!

Photo credit: cutekoko @ weibo


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