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Happy 10th Monthsary to Boyfriend!


Today (March 26) marks the special day of Korea's sweetheart boy-band, Boyfriend . The group will be celebrating their tenth month anniversary since debut today in Korea. Last year, they debuted with single "Boyfriend" on May 27th, 2011, under Starship Entertainment (home to SISTAR and K.Will) and since then their popularity sky rocketed.

Within a year of their debut, Boyfriend has released three single albums under their belt titled 'Boyfriend The 1st Single Album', 'Don't Touch My Girl' and 'I'll Be There'.

The rookie group who captured the hearts of noona fans had recently made their visit to Thailand, Singapore and Taiwan for their first fan meeting tour. The six members of Boyfriend namely Dong Hyun(Leader), HyunSeong, Jeong Min, Young Min, Kwang Min and Min Woo were pleased to meet their fans all around Asia. Apart from receiving lots of attention from fans, they had won themselves an award for the 'Best Rookie Group of the Year 2011'. They are definitely one potential group to look on to.


Boyfriend will be making their comeback on August which is much anticipated by fans for their album new concept. With their charms, talents and looks, the boys are building their fanbase by gaining new fans each day. I'm definitely looking forward to the day when they finally visit Malaysia.


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