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IU joins the Twitter world !


Korean nation's little sister, IU has finally joined the Twitter world! IU created her own personal Twitter account in less than 24 hours ago and she already has more than 70,000 followers. On her twitter page, she captioned her account as "안녕하세요 저는 아이유입니다" which translates to "Hello, I'm IU".

And what was her first tweet on the twitterverse? "트위터 시작합니다~ 시~작!" which means "Twitter, starting now~ Start!". Her agency, Loen Entertainment also made an official announcement on March 26th about her official twitter account; “IU has finally started Twitter! Please follow her!”.

All this while IU had been using her Me2day account and consequently updates her official fan cafe before she joined Twitter. And now that she has a Twitter account, fans hoped that she could tweet as often as possible on her recent activities as well as interact with them.
One thing caught my attention for sure was IU's unique hairstyle in her profile photo. In the photo, she is seen sporting an "Antenna" hairdo with her trademark 'V sign' pose, showcasing her cute charm and fresh look. Apparently, the photo was taken on the same day she went to Tokyo Disneyland.

For more updates of IU, do keep an eye on her Twitter account by following her @lily199iu !

Photo credit: IU's official twitter


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